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4 Reasons Why You Should Use Personalised Wine Labels for Your Next Celebration

There is much to be considered when planning a special function from a wedding to a corporate event. Organising a venue and selecting the best catering firm can be incredibly time consuming. What about the mementos of the occasion? If this is a truly special affair, personalised wine bottles might be given as a token of thanks. Finding label printing services online is easy and convenient leaving you time to get on with the other things on your list.

Here are four reasons why you might want to use personalised wine labels for your next celebration or function.

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Swing Tags Deliver Your Message

Have you considered the use of swing tags in your business? In case you haven't heard, swing tags are fast becoming one of the most versatile marketing tools available to help you provide needed information about your product to your customers. Swing tags can be trendy or classically basic, decorated or plain, printed on one side only or both sides, in one colour or several, consist of just one page or many. They can be fabric covered or decorated with buttons. The choice is up to you, as you know what would work best for your business.

Swing tags can be printed on various textures and thicknesses of paper, can include line illustrations or actual photos, and can be attached to the product in a variety of ways. The text on a swing tag can be embossed or foil printed.

What would you include on a swing tag? It all depends on your product! If it is a food product, it is common for a swing tag to include a bit of history about the origins of the food, and a few recipes, if applicable. Swing tags for non-food products can communicate a special offer, or just your slogan and logo. They can include instructions for assembly of a product, handling instructions for a product, or can highlight other products your company produces.

Your promotional material is a big part of your marketing. You want to choose something to represent your product that will be eye catching and a little different from the competition. Swing tags can be attached to your merchandise in a way that will best introduce the product to a prospective customer who may have never noticed your company’s offerings before. In fact, a swing tag that contains information that people need and want to know about a product can be a big selling point. A well-designed swing tag that is pleasing to the eye can improve how your product and company are perceived by others.

If you have ever been in a clothing store, you have seen swing tags. They hang from most clothing and include the price and the name of the manufacturer/designer. Now, imagine how much more noticeable these tags would be if they were larger, shaped differently, brightly coloured, or imaginatively designed. Swing tags are a way of communicating with your current and prospective customers as well as advertising your product.

You may be wondering where you can get swing tags. Leave the printing of these up to a professional, as you don’t want your swing tags to look like they were printed on a home computer. The design of the swing tags is important, and it takes a graphic artist to create a tag you will be proud to place on your product. An online printing company that does wine label printing should be able to assist you in the planning and design of swing tags. A swing tag is a little like a wine label in that it tells the customer about the product within the bottle.

When you decide to let swing tags deliver your product’s message, do some online research and find a reputable printer that has experience in doing corporate brochure printing. This will tell you they recognize the importance of business marketing, and can do a wonderful printing job for you.