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Tri-Fold Brochures For The Small Business

Have you ever noticed that the most popular style of brochure for the small business owner or operator seems to be the tri-fold? Have you ever wondered why? It is because the tri-fold brochure will fit perfectly into a #10 business size envelope. Actually, the moniker of tri-fold is really unsuitable for this brochure. It isn't folded three times, but two. If you were to unfold one of these and examine it, you would see that the entire brochure is the size of a sheet of paper measuring 8 1/2 by 11 inches. This is good to know, for you can use this kind of paper to create a mock-up brochure in order to assure yourself that all of your business information will fit on a brochure of this size.

Designing a brochure for your small business can be rather fun. Pay special attention to the information that you plan to add the back of the brochure. Do not place any important facts here, for studies have shown that this section is read and looked at less than any of the others. If anything more than contact information is on the back, chances are not many people will actually see it, and your advertising will not reach those it was meant for.

The section to pay attention to is not the front of the brochure, as many seem to believe, but the inside panel on the left-hand side. This is where the eye usually gravitates to first, and after that, most people look at the other two inside panels. So you want to be sure that you have some compelling information to place in these panels as well as photos or illustrations that correspond to your business. By using this part of of the brochure, the pertinent business points will be better noticed.

If you are having some trouble deciding how you want your brochures to look, why not choose a brochure printing company that will assist you in designing them? Printing professionals are well versed in giving help to businesses who are not sure exactly what they want. They will even work up a design layout for your approval before the printing of the brochures gets underway. If you do not have your own photos or illustrations, they can supply you with artwork that will really dress up your business brochures.

No matter what kind of business you have, you will find that colour brochure printing will highlight your business in many ways. Once the public knows more about what you have to offer, as detailed in your brochures, your business is sure to pick up speed, based entirely on the advertising power of the tri-fold brochure. These can be mailed out to your customer base, left on the front counter beneath a tasteful “Take One” sign, or used as direct advertising to a targeted group of consumers who have been previously interested in businesses such as yours.