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5 Ideas to Promote your Charity or non Profit Organisation

Charity organisations and events are amazing ways of raising money for worthy causes, but what about the up-front costs of advertising and promotion? You're likely not going to have a lot of money to work with so competing on the same playing fields as companies with money to burn is unlikely to gain you any notice. You need to put your promotion efforts where people are going to see them with minimal money spent but an air of authenticity. To help you get a good turnout and get noticed, here's 5 ideas for promoting your charity or non-profit organisation:


Poster Ads Get Noticed by Everyone!

If you have been brainstorming lately, trying to figure out an effective way to advertise your business that doesn't cost the earth to start up and maintain, then you need to consider using posters as advertisements. A great place to go when you are planning your poster printing is Dark Horse Print and Design. Not only is Dark Horse staffed by experienced printers and graphic designers, they will actually help you to design your poster to insure that it is as professional as possible. This assistance is included in the cost of your poster order! Advertising on the Internet is one of the first things that people consider now days when they need to get the word out about their business. And, while Internet advertising can be a very good thing, and can bring in a host of new prospects, have you ever stopped to think about how many people in this world do not have access to the Internet? What's more, a survey conducted among people who do not have a computer and/or the Internet in their homes reveals that 89% of these people do not want the ability to access the Internet from their home. They cite many reasons, from having Internet access at work, to not caring one bit about anything to do with computers or the Internet! What this means is that what some term the “old fashioned” way of advertisement is more important now, as you are missing an entire segment of the population when you advertise online only. And, if you want to really get noticed, poster ads are definitely the way to go. Posters have always been a way to communicate with people that are readily noticed, and get the job done! Their size alone is eye-catching, but when combined with the proper graphics, font, and colours suitable for your business, you couldn't ask for a better form of advertising! When designing your poster, you want to make sure that it is informative, and that the information is quite clear, with no ambiguity. What good is it to go to the trouble and expense of designing a poster if no one can understand what you are trying to say? A clear and clever slogan is one thing, while a caption that misses the mark in stating what you mean is not going to attract very many customers! Use familiar words and phrases, or perhaps even a metaphor to get your message across to the largest audience. Whatever kind of business or product you are advertising, make it friendly and approachable. Don't expect a poster to pull in very many customers if it makes them feel as if they are going to have to learn something new in order to be able to take advantage of what your business or product can offer them. Allow your poster to draw people in by building a connection with them. That sounds a lot harder than it actually is! Make sure that the message that you decide to put on the poster is one that passers-by can identify with, as long as it still relates to your business. Let's say that your business has to do with flowers and floral design. Everyone, no matter what their background, will more than likely host or attend a function at some point in time where there will be a need for flowers. By putting your business name in the public eye, along with suitable graphics and a phrase like, “Flowers say what words fail to” or something similar, you have identified with perhaps 75% of the people who will view your poster. And, while not all of these people will become your customers, suppose each one passes you business name along to two other people who do? The sky is the limit with poster ads! That's why you shouldn't settle for just any poster printing services when the professionals at Dark Horse Print and Design will be happy to work with you to ensure you have a poster and poster design you are satisfied with. With their standard three to five day turnaround, you'll have those posters sooner than you expected, no matter where in Australia you live!