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Advertise Your Event with Colourful Postcards

Are you looking for a cost effective way to get the word out about your event? Try postcards for an easily affordable solution to your advertising needs. A professional printing company can do postcard printing at a very reasonable price. A good company will work with you to make sure the finished postcards look the way you envisioned them. Postcard advertising has been going on for a long time. Coloured postcards are very eye catching, and are a perfect way to inform people of an event that is going to take place. However, since the Internet has become so popular, it seems that postcards have fallen out of favour with business owners. You can be the one to bring them back by taking advantage of their economical usefulness. Do you remember the days when you would get postcards in the mail from family and friends who were on vacation? It was always a little thrill to see that glossy, colourful card in your mailbox. People are not as apt to send postcards while on a trip nowadays, so when your postcard arrives in the mailbox of those that you want to notify of your sales event, they definitely won’t be tossed into a trashcan! Those postcards will be read avidly, and even set aside until the event date. You don’t have to open a postcard like you do a letter, which makes it almost impossible to ignore them. If you are advertising a sales event that will take place at your business location, you could offer everyone who brought their postcard in on the day of the event a discount that the general public would not receive. By getting the postcards back into your hands, you would be able to determine the success of your mailing campaign. What should you put on a postcard that is going to be used to advertise a sales event? On the front, a full colour photo of one of your products would be quite suitable, especially if it is one of the products that is going to be included in the sale. However, use your imagination, and come up with a photo that ties in with the theme of your business. Try to choose a full color postcard printing online company who has a graphic designer on staff. This professional has had training in how to lay out photos and use colour and text to their best advantage. They will be happy to assist you in choosing the best design for the front of your postcard. On the back of your postcard, you want the pertinent information for your event. The location, plus the date and time is mandatory. A line or two of catchy text that is relevant to your business and the event would be perfect to keep recipients of the postcards a bit curious as to what you have planned for the event. Purchasing postcards online can save you both time and money. When you go to the website of a printer you are considering, see if you are able to upload photos and text onto a template. If you want to stop there, and let the printing company do the rest of the work needed to customize your postcards, you can. Full colour postcards can aid you in your marketing efforts at a price that even the smallest business can afford.

Boost The Attendance At Your Exhibition With Custom Postcards

Are you organising an exhibition or event in your city? If so, you will want to make sure that people know about it! While you could take out a classified ad in the local newspaper, or book a 30 second ad spot on a local radio or television station, these options can be expensive. Would you like to know a way you could reach hundreds of people at a fraction of the cost these other options would cost? Custom postcard printing is a wonderful way you can boost the attendance at your exhibition for a very reasonable cost indeed. When you purchase printed matter such as postcards in bulk, your total mailing price, including postage, is always going to be less than sending a business letter. And, since postcards can be mailed for less than a letter, you can work with even a limited budget to get the word out about your exhibition. Take the time to work out exactly what you want to say on your postcards, and do remember that you are working with a limited space! You'll want to mention the date and time, as well as the address where the exhibition will be held. You may want to titillate the prospective attendees by mentioning a special theme. For example, if your exhibition is of antique automobiles, a sentence hinting at the year, make and model of a particularly rare car may bring in antique car buffs from miles around. Custom postcards are an incredible marketing tool. Since they are customized, the photo on the front of the card can be of anything you like. Take advantage of this, and use a photo that will represent your event in a positive way. You also have the option of customizing a postcard according to the individual who will receive it. Just their handwritten name, along with something on the order of “Hope to see you there!” and your signature adds a personal touch that can really impress people. It makes them feel as if they have been singled out, and will certainly serve as an invitation to your event that they really can't ignore. Your postcards need to be attractive and eye-catching. Full color postcard printing is not really something you want to do yourself. You will need quite a few postcards in order to do a mailing on the scale that you will need to inform people about an exhibition or event. You will be much happier if you allow a professional printing company to do the work for you. People will judge the group who is sponsoring the exhibition by the quality of these postcards, and professional printers have experience with graphic art and design, plus the capability to quickly complete your large order and send them out to you with the utmost speed. Your exhibition or event is sure to be a success when you make use of custom postcards to inform and invite those who would be interested in attending.

Using Postcards To Announce Special Offers

Who doesn't enjoy receiving a postcard in the mail? Usually, the only postcards that we see in our mailboxes are those we get from friends who are on holiday. Beautifully colored photographs of palm trees, flowers, and other scenery can brighten our day, and make us wish we were on holiday ourselves! If you have thought about doing some marketing for your business, perhaps you have looked into the use of calendars, brochures, or flyers, but decided that the price for the number you would need was more than you wanted to spend right now. Yet, you have a special offer coming up, and really wanted to get the word out about it to any prospective customers. It's such a distinctive offer, and you only are able to do this once a year. However, not to many people know about it. You are just sure that with some advertising to announce this special, your sales would do very well. Have you thought about another option? How about using business-themed postcards? Not everyone thinks of using this lower-cost option, but the results from a mailing campaign can be very interesting as well as profitable. Postcard mailings can save you money, too. They are smaller than fliers or brochures, so they are less expensive to mail. They require no envelope, either, so are quite efficient. Efficient because postcards are just like mini classified advertisements. They get the message across in a few words. People much prefer to read short blurbs that long, involved sales letters. Using postcards to pass along your message to both your current and potential customers will be a snap for you. The only thing you need to do is make sure that the postcards you choose are colorful and eye-catching, yet customized so that they will represent your business in a distinctive way. It's a good idea to consider the use of color postcards printing popularity. Choose the photo that graces the front of your postcards with care. It should also reflect your products and services in some way. Postcards get to their destination faster than other types of mail, which means that you can expect results from your mailings just a few days after they have been sent out. Whenever you advertise in the newspaper or on a television commercial, those who are your business competitors know exactly what sort of sale or announcement you are telling the public about. A postcard that will go directly to its intended recipient is a more personal way of communicating with your customers, and it also allows you to stay a step or two ahead of the competition. The best place to find postcards to use for business purposes is an online printing company. A search will reveal many professional printing establishments that offer postcards as well as other printables. If by chance you are unsure as to how you want to lay out your postcards, choose a printer who is willing to give you advice on how to express yourself succinctly on your cards. Choose the photo that graces the front of your postcards with care. It should also reflect your products and services in some way. The best way to approach postcard printing is to imagine what would most interest your customers, and go from there.

Postcards are Perfect for Promoting Your Business

If there was one off-line marketing strategy that business owners should take advantage of, it's the use of postcards. Yes, customized postcards! Why are postcards such a great way to promote a business? You'll find that people enjoy receiving even a simple postcard that is addressed to them in the mail. In these days of email correspondence, it is rather nice to get back to the “old fashion” way of communicating!And, since it isn't enclosed in an envelope, any message you write on the outside is sure to be seen, not only by the intended recipient, but more thank likely by other people while the postcard was making its way through the mail system. Of course, you want a good-looking postcard, and one that will be eye-catching as well. Colour is a given; though a black and white custom postcard would get your message out to those you mailed it to, it definitely wouldn't stand out like a lovely coloured postcard. If you are looking for a business that does an absolutely spectacular job on customized postcard printing then look no further than Dark Horse Print and Design, which some business owners consider the best printing and graphic design business in all of Australia. Dark Horse is quite experienced in the art of creating custom post cards, and will be more than happy to help you to design postcards that will suit your needs beautifully. All you really need to do is give them some idea of what you want to see on the card in the way of what type of paper, the graphics and colours, and what size you would like. Just a hint – the standard A6 card size does seem to be the most popular. Of course, you'll receive an email within 48 hours after you have turned your order in to Dark Horse that will contain the artwork, or proofs, of your postcard. Study these carefully, and make sure that the postcards look and say exactly what you want. If by chance they do not, Dark Horse will cheerfully do alterations on them as many times as it take to get the postcards just the way you want them to be. The fast turn around time that Dark Horse provides will absolutely amaze you, as their prices will, too! They will have your postcards printing soon after your order goes in, and they will be shipped to you in 3-5 days. There will be no hidden charges on your post cards. All of the prices at Dark Horse include GST, plus design and delivery to anywhere in Australia. Advertising your business with post cards is highly cost effective, and can make quite a difference in your customer numbers! You can get an idea of this quite easily by adding a coupon code on each postcard, then see how many of these have been used. Postcards can be just as effective in advertising your business as a television advertisement – for a much lower cost!