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5 Cool Retail Business Materials on a Budget

Any retail business that wants to keep up with the competition needs to include advertising in their budget. Business cards printing as well as other stationery lines doesn’t need to be expensive. Here are some cost saving ideas that will produce cool results.
  1. Flyers
  2. Having a stack of flyers on the front counter for people to take with them is a great way to let your customers know about upcoming sales and special events. Continue reading 5 Cool Retail Business Materials on a Budget

Customised Poster Prints as Giveaways

Conducting a giveaway can be a surprisingly effective way of bringing a lot more business to your company. Let’s say that you are the owner of several stores, often referred to as a “chain”. Suppose you have decided that each of these stores is going to have its own separate giveaway. You advertise your giveaway in several places, and you issue a directive to each store. You stress to store managers and employees that in order for this giveaway to work, they will really need to publicize what’s going on.

This giveaway is meant to involve everyone who sets foot in your store. They are invited upon entering to fill out a short form with their name address, and telephone number, and drop it into a box for the giveaway drawing. The drawing is to be held at a time and date that you specify, and you also stress to everyone that they need not be present to win.

Soon, your stores began to get an inordinate amount of traffic. People are coming in to fill out an entry form for your drawing. Many of them do a little shopping while they are there. Your giveaway has already begun to work its magic! This will continue up until the day of the prize drawing. People will discuss this promotion for a long time, and you’ll find that the more unusual or expensive the prize, the more attention will be paid to your giveaway.

If you are planning to attempt a giveaway for the first time, it’s a good idea not to invest in anything that is too expensive to offer as a prize. It would be much better to start small and work your way up the prize ladder as your giveaway becomes successful.

A wonderful option for that first giveaway item is a customised poster print. These prints are well received, and the customisation aspect means that everyone can find a use for such a prize. A custom photo poster is one item very few people can resist. Poster prints have become more and more popular, right along with digital cameras. A quality poster printing service can take a digital camera shot as well as a photo from a regular camera and make a clear, sharp customised poster print out of it. Can you imagine the possibilities? People will jump at the chance to have their children or grandchildren, other family members or friends captured in a large poster print.

In order to facilitate this promotion for your business, make some basic plans. Do a little research, and choose a company that does photo poster printing at a price that will suit your advertising budget. You won’t have to have a huge budget to make this work, as customised poster prints can be very reasonable in price. Certain options you can choose, such as a high gloss finish, laminated finish, or custom framing, can make the final price higher.

Using a customised poster print as a promotional tool can pay big dividends for your business.