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5 Uses for the Printed Swing Tag

Whether you are running a clothing boutique or gift store, you will need to label the individual products you have for sale. There are a number of label printing services available on line that will help you decide on the type of label that is best for your product.

The printed swing tag is ideal for clothing but has many other uses. They can be easily attached to bags and luggage with different types of cotton, string or plastic fasteners.

Have the tags printed in bold designs or with your own company logo to:

Label your product

  • Identify style, size and price in the shop front
  • Provide instant recognition for your brand name
  • Advertise a sale
  • Name tags at workshops

Labelling your product with a quality printed tag is also a marketing technique. It can provide instant recognition for your logo, brand or a given message. Think how effective the Australian Made label has become by being placed on any product that has this endorsement.

Swing tags are a great way to advertise sales. Have a bunch of them printed with ‘summer sale’ ‘end of season sale’ or the ‘stock clearance sale’ and leave the back clear to write in the sale price. Attached to any item on sale makes this an easy form of identification when a customer brings the goods to your counter. An alternative is custom sticker printing, which may be a cheaper option and useful for packaged products.

Name tags are a necessity at workshops and conferences where there are a large number of participants. The swing tag can be printed for use in lanyards at seminars and community events.

There are many stores that can take advantage of this type of labelling system, such as:

  • Clothing boutiques – to identify each item of apparel and note the style and size
  • Menswear stores – for sizing information on shirts and trousers
  • Luggage and travel goods – to mark each bag and perhaps add a warranty card
  • Furniture stores – for pricing and specifics in fabric or material used
  • Shoe stores – for size and price
  • Nurseries – to price the plant and planting guide
  • Bike shops – as labels and pricing information

The tags can be printed on different card thicknesses depending on your needs and attached with string or clips. They can be embossed or coated with a glossy finish for a touch of extra style.

Have a look on the internet for some great deals offered by online printers. The printers can even help you come up with a unique and original design to suit your individual theme in vivid colours with a trendy or classic creation. The tags can be printed on one side or both – use the front for your logo and the back for the style, size and price.

The swing tag is all about labelling your products and identifying the merchandise for sale so a well thought out design and a professional finish will make things easier for your customers.

4 Reasons Why You Should Use Personalised Wine Labels for Your Next Celebration

There is much to be considered when planning a special function from a wedding to a corporate event. Organising a venue and selecting the best catering firm can be incredibly time consuming. What about the mementos of the occasion? If this is a truly special affair, personalised wine bottles might be given as a token of thanks. Finding label printing services online is easy and convenient leaving you time to get on with the other things on your list.

Here are four reasons why you might want to use personalised wine labels for your next celebration or function.

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5 Ideas for Label Printing

Printed labels are more than a way of naming your products. A label represents your business long after the goods have left your store. Use reliable label printing services to help you prepare a label that stands out from the competition with the use of colour and design. Incorporate your logo or brand name for instant recognition on everything you sell.

Aim for high quality printing with a professional presentation to improve your standing in the industry. Marketing your company and the products you sell with the use of a top rate label could improve sales and attract potential customers.

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Gift Vouchers as Corporate Rewards

If you have decided that you would like to organize some sort of a promotion for your staff, but are having a problem deciding just what kind of promotion to choose, let gift vouchers come to the rescue! A gift voucher is sometimes called a gift certificate or a gift card. It is a perfect solution to that age-old question of what to give staff members for a job well done, or for a holiday like Christmas. A personalized gift voucher with your business name and address added is a lovely way to remember your top sales representatives, your office staff, or anyone within your corporation. Some companies will use gift vouchers in the following manner. The highest ranked sales representatives in the company are given gift vouchers of varying amounts. What they will do with these is use them as an incentive for returning customers. For example, let’s say Sales Representative A uses a $100.00 gift voucher as a 10% offer to reward Customer C, who has just purchased $1000.00 worth of new furniture. Since Sales Representative A works on commission, he ends up with more than he would have received if he had just been given a $100.00 voucher to use for himself. Gift vouchers that are used for corporate rewards do not have to be redeemable only at your own place of business. You can purchase various gift vouchers that are redeemable at many different types of establishments. The most professional way to use these ready- made gift vouchers is to have a type of presentation card printed to hold the voucher. You may choose to have the entire voucher printed. Don’t make the mistake of trying to print these yourself on a home computer. Even with your own staff, you want anything you present to them as a corporate reward to look professional! Your best bet for good-looking gift vouchers that you can be proud to give out to your staff members is to locate a good printing company. Any company that can do a good job with business card color printing can do a good job for you on a set of gift vouchers. Often, gift vouchers are printed in a form that makes them more like coupons. This type of voucher is popular on the corporate level as well as with staff members. Each individual coupon in the voucher booklet is good for a separate item, and this makes it a favourite with everyone. When your people receive one of these as a gift, be they corporate or customer, it is something that they will not soon forget. Once you have chosen the printing company that you want to do business with, give them your ideas for a gift voucher. If by chance you aren’t exactly sure how you would like for these vouchers to look, your professional printer can help you to decide on both a design and a pattern that is typically used. Perhaps they will even work out a package deal where you can also purchase label printing services along with the vouchers for one discounted price. Using a gift voucher as a corporate reward as well as a customer reward makes good business sense for your company as well as your company budget.

Customised Invoice Books and You

The invoices for your company are nothing to take lightly. Anytime you send a bill to one of your customers for monies owed, you want it to have a professional look. Nothing is worse than a hand-written invoice that is unreadable to the point where it looks as if it were written by a kindergartener!

Did you know that this is one of the main reasons why some businesses have turned away from the good old-fashioned invoice book? They certainly need to be able to read their own invoices in order to keep their accounting up to date, because when this is impossible to do, they lose money every time. In order to try to counteract this, businesses have turned to creating and tracking their invoices on a computer.

There is nothing inherently wrong with using computers to keep track of your invoices and payments. Most of the time, it works pretty well if the person doing the work is computer literate. But, what happens if this person inadvertently presses the delete key, and there is no backup? What if there is a power outage, and three hours of work is lost? Or, what if the hard drive goes bad on the computer that is used for doing invoices? How in the world would you recover all of that lost information? It’s possible that your invoices would be gone for good, and that spells bad news for your company.

In the business world, it’s always a good idea to be just a little bit different. The use of a customised invoice book would certainly make your bills stand out. Just imagine the attention each individual invoice would get by the person who received it! A handwritten invoice in this day and time makes people sit up and take notice, and this extra attention may well mean that your invoices are paid in full faster.

What does a customised invoice book look like? It depends upon what your business is. However, it’s safe to say that most of the savvy business people who wouldn’t use anything but an invoice book will include their logo, address and telephone number(s), invoice numbers, and perhaps some other information that would be specific to each individual business.

You want your invoices to look professional, as this reflects positively on your business. As some of the customised invoice books that you can order from label printing services online have a carbon or carbonless method of transferring whatever is written on the top copy of the invoice onto the other one or two copies, you’ll want to make sure that you press down firmly when writing. It is understood that you want your handwriting to be as clear as possible in order for this type of invoice to work well for you.

How can you go about getting your own customised invoice books? Get in touch with an online printing company of the type that is good at postcard printing as well as all the other types of printing that are needed in the business world. If you have had a customised invoice book in the past, and still have a blank invoice, a good printing company can reproduce this for you if you are satisfied with how it looks. The main thing is to make use of your customised invoices so that your business flows smoothly.