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Customised Invoice Books and You

The invoices for your company are nothing to take lightly. Anytime you send a bill to one of your customers for monies owed, you want it to have a professional look. Nothing is worse than a hand-written invoice that is unreadable to the point where it looks as if it were written by a kindergartener!

Did you know that this is one of the main reasons why some businesses have turned away from the good old-fashioned invoice book? They certainly need to be able to read their own invoices in order to keep their accounting up to date, because when this is impossible to do, they lose money every time. In order to try to counteract this, businesses have turned to creating and tracking their invoices on a computer.

There is nothing inherently wrong with using computers to keep track of your invoices and payments. Most of the time, it works pretty well if the person doing the work is computer literate. But, what happens if this person inadvertently presses the delete key, and there is no backup? What if there is a power outage, and three hours of work is lost? Or, what if the hard drive goes bad on the computer that is used for doing invoices? How in the world would you recover all of that lost information? It’s possible that your invoices would be gone for good, and that spells bad news for your company.

In the business world, it’s always a good idea to be just a little bit different. The use of a customised invoice book would certainly make your bills stand out. Just imagine the attention each individual invoice would get by the person who received it! A handwritten invoice in this day and time makes people sit up and take notice, and this extra attention may well mean that your invoices are paid in full faster.

What does a customised invoice book look like? It depends upon what your business is. However, it’s safe to say that most of the savvy business people who wouldn’t use anything but an invoice book will include their logo, address and telephone number(s), invoice numbers, and perhaps some other information that would be specific to each individual business.

You want your invoices to look professional, as this reflects positively on your business. As some of the customised invoice books that you can order from label printing services online have a carbon or carbonless method of transferring whatever is written on the top copy of the invoice onto the other one or two copies, you’ll want to make sure that you press down firmly when writing. It is understood that you want your handwriting to be as clear as possible in order for this type of invoice to work well for you.

How can you go about getting your own customised invoice books? Get in touch with an online printing company of the type that is good at postcard printing as well as all the other types of printing that are needed in the business world. If you have had a customised invoice book in the past, and still have a blank invoice, a good printing company can reproduce this for you if you are satisfied with how it looks. The main thing is to make use of your customised invoices so that your business flows smoothly.