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Seven Rules for Handing Out Your Business Cards

Handing out business cards is a great way to advertise and market your business. You may have a small booklet printing business or you could represent a major IT services firm, but when handing out business cards the same rules apply to big and small alike.

But how do you know that your business cards are not being thrown in the trashcan as you leave? Here are seven rules for handing out your business cards:

1. Presentation is Key

Your business card needs to be neat looking with absolutely no folds or tears. Your business cards speak volumes about you so keep them in mint condition.

When ordering your cards from a business card printing company, make sure they use an easy to read dark font. When you receive your order, quickly check every card to make sure there are no ink blotches or stains of any kind.

2. Timing is Everything

Wait for the right time to hand out your business card. The perfect time is always near the end of the conversation when you have gained the person’s confidence. Never hand your card over after just meeting someone, you have to gain their trust and form some kind of a connection before taking that step.

3. Hand Out One Business Card

Too many businessmen make the mistake of handing out multiple cards. Their reasoning is that the individual with five cards will spread them around to his co-workers. But what is a lot more likely is they will throw the whole batch in the bin as soon as you are out of sight. So don’t overload your business associates with your business cards, just give them the one card.

4. Give Your Friends a Business Card or Two

Many people are reluctant to give their friends a business card. They feel as if they are crossing some sort of invisible boundary between business and personal friendship. This is quite unreasonable because if anyone is going to promote your business, it is your friends. For example, if you are a plumber and one of your friends overhears an acquaintance saying that they need to find a plumber to install a new bathroom, you can be sure that they will hand over your business card.

5. Always Have Your Cards With You

Always have a batch of cards with you everywhere you go. Do not place them in your back pocket since they could fold and crease. It is better to have a small business card case that will keep them crease-free.

6. Reciprocate

When a person asks for your card in a meeting or during a networking event, it is considered polite to ask for their card in return.

7. Online Business Cards

Online business cards are an innovative way to connect with businesspeople around the world. Simply send them along with all of your emails.

Every businessperson needs their business cards. With these seven rules you are sure to make many fruitful business connections. Good luck!