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5 Occasions When Artists Need Quality Printing Services

Artists are amazing and creative people, and seem to be able to make anything and everything. They are the ones we always turn to for help with getting that banner made or designing that website, though there are times when even artists need help getting stuff made. Quality printing is one service every artist will need at some time or other, the following examples are just some of those times.

Business Cards

While it is possible to hand make your own business cards, if you want quite a few made up and want them to look flashy and professional, it’s best to get some expert help. Even if you are able to design your own cards, you will probably want to head down to the print shop to get your business card printing done up. It doesn’t cost much and will leave you more time to work on your actual art.


Some art has an important story that accompanies it, in which case it can be a good idea to produce a booklet to be available during your art showings. This will save you having long and bulky descriptions put up beside the art, and allow a cleaner look to your showing. Typing up the booklet is going to be a lot of work on its own, so rather than typing up every copy yourself, get someone to do the booklet printing for you. Again, it’s inexpensive and unless your art is as a booklet maker, the people at the print shop will most likely have more skills at putting it all together than you.


Any self-respecting artist will make up their own event poster, after all, you are meant to be an artist! Though you don’t need to make dozens of original posters to promote your event. Once you have your masterpiece event poster made up, get to the print shop and do it justice by having it copied on one of their better machines.

Copy Your Art

Even though your art may be amazing, not everyone will be able to afford to pay top dollar for an original. Depending on your art form, you may be able to get your art scanned and have colour copies made up. You can then have copies mounted on foam board or something similar. Obviously this wont be the same as an original, but it can still be quite a striking piece all the same. Colour copies are relatively inexpensive so you can afford to charge less for them and therefore have something that more people can afford to buy. Getting your art scanned is also a good idea just for making sure you have an electronic record of all of you work.

Capture The Moment

You are probably going to want to take a few photos during your art opening and of the show itself, both to remember the occasion as well as document it for your portfolio. Save your photos on to your USB stick and take it to your local print shop to have them printed out. Getting photos printed has gotten way cheaper over the years and is a great example of a time to make use of quality printing.

If you are an artist trying to explode onto the scene, make use of your local print shop and let them help you become the next big thing.