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Top 6 Ideas for Stationery Printing

While it may seem that e-mails and instant messaging on mobile phones is the only way to communicate these days, there are still many occasions when professionally printed stationery is necessary. Businesses that use a large amount of stationery can look for letterhead and matching envelope printing options to help reduce their costs.

Having stationery printed need not be restricted to the corporate group. Community organisations can benefit too, along with personalised stationery for your own use. Stationery for all sorts of celebrations, including weddings, adds a nice touch if there are matching invitations and thank you cards.

For Businesses

1. Matching letterheads and envelopes
2. Business cards for individual employees
3. Notepads

If all your stationery has the same theme, colour pattern and style, this will work towards promoting your business. Any correspondence that you send out means your brand will be instantly recognised from the envelope and again when the receiver opens the letter. Continue the theme with the printing of your business cards.

Business cards form part of the first impression not only for the person’s name on the card but also for your business. Printed on quality card and with a gloss finish they can be used as part of your marketing strategy. These will be especially effective if you have them printed for anyone with a visible role in your organisation. Business cards printing services can design the card for you to ensure the end result looks professional.

Notepads with your logo are an ongoing form of promotion if these are give away items. Motels, for instance, leave a notepad on the bench for customers to take with them when they check out. If you are running workshops, writing pads can be used at the event and are more likely to be kept if they have your contact details on them.

For Personal Use

4. Celebrations
5. Programmes
6. Place settings
7. Thank you cards
8. Personalised stationery

Guests will be thrilled with wedding stationery that has been carefully thought out and perhaps even co-ordinated with the colour theme of the wedding party. As well as the invitations, a list of programme events, place settings and thank you cards will all make lovely keepsakes and if the printing is of a high quality they will be more likely to last and be treasured.

Personalise your hand written letters with a professionally printed letterhead. Be creative in your design and turn it into something that makes a statement about your own personality. You could even continue the them to have matching envelopes as well.

In today’s world and the attention given to improving our environment, the use of paper can be of concern. We all want to be seen to be doing our bit to save the planet. This need not be a reason to abandon your ideas for your stationery. Find a printer that gives customers the option to have their stationery printed on recycled paper. Brochure printing services offer specifications to suit your needs.

Top 3 Benefits of Promotional Printing

Promotional printing plays a vital role in gaining exposure for your business. While it is a form of advertising the different options available make it a less obvious way of promoting your company and products. Even letterhead and envelope printing can be seen as advertising or promotional printing. Here are the top three benefits to be gained.

Inexpensive Form of Advertising

Promotional printing is an inexpensive form of advertising. There is no need to buy advertising space in newspapers or magazines. Television and radio campaigns are way out of reach for the average business. But having a logo and business details printed on stationery and other items means your name or brand is being announced to the public.

This could be in the way of --

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4 Promotional Ideas for Brand Name Printing

Getting customers to sit up and take notice of your business can be as simple as putting the best promotional ideas into practise. Develop a theme for your brand name and use it to promote your business on everything from envelope to postcard printing. Here are four ideas to get you started.

1. Photo Posters

Bring the brand to life using photo posters. Save on design costs by having a photo ready to be enlarged. Use photo posters to decorate your shop or office space.

Posters can be used to advertise a sale or upcoming event. Take pictures of the products and bring them to life. Hairdressing salons could use photo posters with before and after shots. A photo enlarged and reproduced to high standards gives a quality look to the poster which will say much about your business.

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Does Your Company Stationery Portray The Proper Image?

Where were you when you first heard someone say that first impressions are everything? Possibly, you were at a business meeting or conference early in your career. This bit of sage wisdom is usually taught to newcomers who are affiliated with the business world for the first time in their lives. They absorb the idea that a business suit or other, more formal clothing makes a much better impression on a potential customer than a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. They learn that their appearance has an effect on people, and that first glimpse of a person is often the image that is remembered the most.

This adage is especially true when you consider the impact that your company stationary can make on the world at large. That small sheet of paper commonly called stationary is literally the line of contact between you and the world. No matter where in the world your stationary goes, it represents you and your company. That is a pretty tall order for a letter-sized rectangle of paper!

You want your company stationary to portray the proper image. What is considered the “proper” image? A lot depends on what kind of company you have. For example, if you work in the financial area or in management of a large company, chances are you do not wear shorts and flip flops to work. You have a professional dress code, which is adhered to by those in your position, and sometimes by those who aspire to be in your position. You look a certain way because you have a certain job to do. The same rules should apply to your company stationary.

Without the proper appearance, you cannot represent your company correctly. You must maintain a professional appearance to be taken seriously, and your company stationary should not march to the beat of a different drummer! Silly cartoons, flowers and hearts, or lewd images have no place on company stationary, yet it is amazing just how often such things will show up in some corporate offices for approval. And, it shows a lack of business sense when these types of stationary are approved by those in charge of a business.

Even if your business is flowers and hearts or something similar, you’ll find that your company is seen as much more efficient if your stationary portrays it as a professional operation. This is what letterhead printing services do best. You just can’t get the level of quality you need for business stationary from your home printer. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that cheaper is better when it comes to something as important as your business stationary! It’s fine to cut corners in other parts of your business, but not here. Remember, that stationary that leaves your office and goes out into the world is you, the only you that many people will ever see!

But, what if you have no idea where to begin when it comes to designing your stationary? The solution to your dilemma is quite simple. Letterhead printing services will often help you design a letterhead that is perfect for your business needs, and the price of this professional assistance is usually very little. In some cases, it is done at no charge. What more could you ask for? Find yourself a good online printing service when the time comes for you to order your company stationary.

Your Business Letterhead

What is a business letterhead, and why is it important to your present and future success? A business letterhead is stationary that has been printed with identifying information about you and your business, plus your business logo, if you have one. Generally, a business letterhead lists your business name and mailing address, telephone numbers, including fax numbers, email address, and web site address. All of these can be listed, some as a page header, and some as a footer. The design and placement of this information is, of course, up to the person who owns the company or the person who is responsible for the marketing of a company. All businesses should have an attractive letterhead, along with matching envelopes. Even if you think your own business would never have need of a letterhead, you never know when you may need to write a letter to a customer or supplier. There are times when an email just won't do the job, and these are the times when a letter that has been typed or handwritten on an attractive business letterhead can get the job done with a touch of class. Your business letterhead is your business image. A well-designed letterhead that is neat, yet eyecatching says good things about your business as well as your products. All of the information a potential or repeat customer should need is right in front of them when you make use of a letterhead. The fact that your business even has a letterhead will mightily impress some people, too. A letter written to a customer or supplier on plain paper says nothing about the quality of your products or services, whereas a letterhead can just ooze quality, depending on the type of paper used and the attention that is paid to the design detail. Suppose you have never designed a business letterhead, and are a little unsure as to where you should start. This is when you call upon one of the letterhead printing services that can be found online. These printing services are business oriented, since they are a business themselves. They have ample experience in the best way to lay out a business letterhead and logo in order to help you make the best impression possible on the people and businesses you will be corresponding with by regular mail. Letterhead printing services also can supply you with envelope printing to match your business stationary. Some people may tell you that you can print your own business letterhead stationary with your computer. Unless you are a graphic designer with a lot of time to spare, you will be much better off hiring a professional to do this work for you. Letterhead stationary that is homemade often looks homemade, and this is not the image that you want your business to have. You must use a thicker paper stock in order to print a letterhead that looks and feels like something a business would use, and this paper is notorious for jamming up your printer, especially when you are printing a quantity of sheets. Do a little research and select an online printer to handle all of your business printing needs. You will be very glad you did!