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5 Strategies to Improve your Company Profile

Your company's profile is the way and the means by which people know your company. Your public profile is how people view you, it's the face of your company and not only does it need to be there for people to come to you with their business, it also needs to be welcoming. From simple brochure printing to getting to the top of Google's list, you should always be striving to improve your company's profile. Luckily, there are many technologies and methods at your disposal to get your name out there into the public arena. Your strategy needs to reflect the way you want to appeal to your customers, it is the way in which you approach people (or encroach upon their lives) that builds your profile. 5 strategies to improve your public profile are:


This includes anything from corporate brochure printing to letterheads for your paper. Using stationary with your name and logo on it for all correspondence, be it email or snail mail, not only makes you look professional, it also gets your company's name sitting on desks and noticeboards everywhere. Printing pens with your name on them to give out to potential clients is a proven profile-improving strategy.

Search engine optimisation

Being the first on the list when your company's product or service is typed into Google has huge benefits. Harnessing this means you're going to have to put some work into your website. Adding articles on and around your business's products and having links to and from keywords will push you right up the list.

Social networking sites

Sites like LinkedIn and Facebook allow you to create a profile for your company and then use that profile to network to potential clients and business partners. These sites are free: the only thing is will cost you is time, and a worthy investment it is. Social networking is being used more and more frequently by consumers who want to feel a connection to their favourite businesses. Using these sites, you can inform your 'friends' of upcoming events, promotions and deals. It's a free way of reaching a lot of people.

Media release

If you're starting a new company, or if your company is taking a step in an interesting direction, or celebrating something, inform people! Get together a media release and send it out, you may just get some free advertising from it. Make sure you sort out letterhead printing first to make you look professional!

Guerrilla advertising

Subversive advertising techniques are a very effective way of carving out your niche and letting people know you're there. Printing funny or provocative postcards and leaving them in cafes is a proven method. Or print stickers and hire students to run around and slap them up everywhere. Think of a way (not illegal) of making people see your profile whether they want to or not.

You need to fight for a place in the marketplace of today, and the only way you're going to succeed is by moving with the people, by being at the place where they're going to look next. Improving your profile means you're the company people turn to when they need something that you offer, all because you've put in the legwork to get yourself out there.

Promotional Brochures They’ll Want to Keep

Brochures continue to be one of the most multipurpose marketing tools that have ever hit the business community. Why is a well-planned brochure multipurpose? Simply because it can fill so many of the needed advertising niches so well! A brochure can be used to help a company promote any planned events that may interest potential and repeat customers.

A brochure can do a fantastic job of advertising a new product or service. This type of promotional literature can advise your customers of any changes that your company has planned for a popular product line. A brochure can also help your company to become recognized in the community or district you serve. This helps immensely to build up the image of your business in the minds of those who have previously or will potentially be your customers.

There are many other reasons why a specially printed brochure makes good sense for your business, but those are the main ones. As you can see, the versatile brochure is one promotional item that people will definitely want to hang on to for future reference! Your contact information, informative text, and attention-grabbing photos with equally appealing, relevant captions will please the eye and pique the interest of everyone who encounters them.

You might be surprised to realize just how many different types on industries use these printed leaflets to advertise their business services as well as the products they sell. Just about any business you can name has at one time or another used the multipurpose aspects of a brochure to inform and impress the buying public.

Promotional advertising leaflets can be said to educate those that read them. These folks may at first idly pick up your brochure, perhaps out of boredom, only to find themselves reeled in by the clever use of photographs and well-placed text. People will always look at the photos first! Statistics show that this fact has proven true in almost every industry. The customer really likes to see what you are selling in order to have their mind’s eye focused on the image as they read the accompanying text.

In order to produce the type of high quality promotional item that people will want to hold on to, the brochure printing must be of high quality. This is definitely not a job for you to do in your spare time on your home printer! You need a professional printer who has graphic artists on staff that can help you to plan the perfect advertising medium for your business.

The usual assumption upon first hearing the idea of brochure printing is that this is an expensive proposition. Enter the online printing service for professional quality work at a very reasonable price. Some of these online printing companies will allow you to upload your own artwork and text. This gives them the information needed to give you a free, no obligation estimate of how much it would cost to bring your advertising plans to fruition.

Isn’t it time you did a bit of business homework? Go online and do a search in order to find a reputable, professional brochure printing company to do your print job for you. You’ll be very glad you did when those new customers start rolling in!

Your Self Designed Pre Folders

Anyone who does business presentations knows that a nice looking and well-designed folder can go a long way in helping your colleagues to sit up and take notice of the information you are presenting to them. Though this type of folder is most often seen in an executive meeting, presentation folders are also very usable in all sorts of business situations. The company that takes care of your business card printing can generally print these folders to your specifications.

What does a presentation folder look like? Generally, a presentation folder will contain your company’s name and logo on the outside, as well as any other information that seems essential. These folders are designed to have a refined, tasteful, and professional appearance, which of course reflects well upon your company. The right kind of presentation folder can make you look extremely organized to the other people in your organization. This is definitely a good thing, for there is nothing better for your career than to make a good impression on your peers.

In the business world, image is everything! That is why presentation folders can be one of your best friends. If part of your job is making presentations, you should know that around 90 percent of your presentation is the image you have created for the people who have gathered. That’s right! How you look is more important than the information you have to present. You could have groundbreaking info to share, but if you don’t look sharp and professional, no one is going to pay too much attention to you.

A well-designed presentation folder can serve as an accessory to that executive image you strive to create. What’s more, when you design your own presentation folders, you can make them look exactly the way you want. You have many options when it comes to the design of these key players. What colour to choose, the general design and style, the size, even the type of paper used and the finish on that paper! All of these make a difference in how the finished product turns out.

Where can you go to self-design your own presentation folders? Find yourself an online corporate brochure printing service for the best prices and choice of folder options. Even though the price of a good supply of presentation folders that you design yourself may seem to be a little steep, remember that you usually get what you pay for. These folders will stand you in good stead for some time to come. Remember, they have other business uses beside that of an executive presentation. As they are usually used to hold various papers and documents, these folders will be of use any time you have a situation where you have an assortment of papers to keep up with.

Always make sure you choose a professional printer to help you to get the most out of a presentation folder design. A good printing company will work with your specifications, and in a short time will have your folder order ready to go to work for you and your business.

Swing Tags Deliver Your Message

Have you considered the use of swing tags in your business? In case you haven't heard, swing tags are fast becoming one of the most versatile marketing tools available to help you provide needed information about your product to your customers. Swing tags can be trendy or classically basic, decorated or plain, printed on one side only or both sides, in one colour or several, consist of just one page or many. They can be fabric covered or decorated with buttons. The choice is up to you, as you know what would work best for your business.

Swing tags can be printed on various textures and thicknesses of paper, can include line illustrations or actual photos, and can be attached to the product in a variety of ways. The text on a swing tag can be embossed or foil printed.

What would you include on a swing tag? It all depends on your product! If it is a food product, it is common for a swing tag to include a bit of history about the origins of the food, and a few recipes, if applicable. Swing tags for non-food products can communicate a special offer, or just your slogan and logo. They can include instructions for assembly of a product, handling instructions for a product, or can highlight other products your company produces.

Your promotional material is a big part of your marketing. You want to choose something to represent your product that will be eye catching and a little different from the competition. Swing tags can be attached to your merchandise in a way that will best introduce the product to a prospective customer who may have never noticed your company’s offerings before. In fact, a swing tag that contains information that people need and want to know about a product can be a big selling point. A well-designed swing tag that is pleasing to the eye can improve how your product and company are perceived by others.

If you have ever been in a clothing store, you have seen swing tags. They hang from most clothing and include the price and the name of the manufacturer/designer. Now, imagine how much more noticeable these tags would be if they were larger, shaped differently, brightly coloured, or imaginatively designed. Swing tags are a way of communicating with your current and prospective customers as well as advertising your product.

You may be wondering where you can get swing tags. Leave the printing of these up to a professional, as you don’t want your swing tags to look like they were printed on a home computer. The design of the swing tags is important, and it takes a graphic artist to create a tag you will be proud to place on your product. An online printing company that does wine label printing should be able to assist you in the planning and design of swing tags. A swing tag is a little like a wine label in that it tells the customer about the product within the bottle.

When you decide to let swing tags deliver your product’s message, do some online research and find a reputable printer that has experience in doing corporate brochure printing. This will tell you they recognize the importance of business marketing, and can do a wonderful printing job for you.