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Designing a Calendar to Promote Your Business

Wouldn't it be nice to have the ability to promote your business all year long with just one initial investment? You can, you know! Those who have been a part of the business world for a long time know and each year count on the fact that giving out a nice promotional calendar to their customers is a wonderful way for them to keep their business name in a place where people will see it year round!

There aren't many people who can't make good use of a calendar. You'll find that not only will people be quite happy to accept a free calendar from you, they make ask if they can have one or two extra! People usually put calendars in more than one place in their homes, like the kitchen, the office/den, perhaps even the bedroom.

Once they have put their copy of your calendar in place, it will stay there for a year, and will more than likely be consulted quite frequently – perhaps even on a daily basis. For the money you will spend on having a batch of calendars printed, you cannot get a better form of advertising! Compare what you will pay for these calendars with what you may have paid a few months ago for another type of advertising that maybe was read one time, and then discarded.

A custom calendar designed for your business is a great marketing tool. But, don't settle for one of those pre-printed calendars that will have your information over-printed on the bottom! You want your own custom designed calendar! You will find that the
calendar printing service you receive from Dark Horse Print and Design has talented design teams as well as print teams that will help you to design a calendar that will be absolutely perfect for you!

You will be able to design a calendar that uses your own images, for the ultimate in custom designs! You know that no one else is going to have any sort of advertisement with the same photo as yours! Or, Dark Horse has a wide range of all different subjects in their image files, and can work with you until you have found the image that fits your
calendar printing needs. No need to try and look around online for stock photos when you have Dark Horse and their expertise at your service!

It's extremely easy to design your calendar online on the Dark Horse website. You can either upload twelve images, one for each month, or choose from the image categories on the website, which include -

  • Australiana
  • Animals
  • Flowers
  • International Landscapes
  • Landscapes

You'll be able to see a complete artwork proof of your calendar within just 48 hours after your calendar has been designed. Any changes you would like made will be done at no extra charge, as often as needed until it is corrected to suit you! Once this is all done, your calendars are printed, and you will have them in hand with three to five days across Australia!