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11 Design Ideas That Will Make Your Business Cards Stand Out

The business card and brochure printing industry is very lucrative. Millions of business cards are printed out every year for professionals, companies, organizations and churches. How can you get your cards and brochures to stand out amongst millions of others?

Here are eleven ideas for creating unique business cards:

1. Go 3D

3D business cards will definitely stand out. Some printing companies have a special printing process for custom 3D or holographic cards. They look great with virtual layers of depth. Animated cards can show a full range of detailed animations and special effects.

2. Cartoon Style

These are really fun cards! Add a cartoon character to the design. Cute examples include animals such as dancing pigs and smiling fish. If you’re a professional contract worker, you could turn yourself into a cartoon character.

3. Unique Printing

Business card printing can be very innovative. Your cards can be made into something useful, such as a coaster or notepad. The recipients will want to hang onto them rather than throw them away. They’ll keep the card on their coffee table or desk and whenever they look at them, they’ll be reminded of your business.

4. Add Photos

Add some lovely visuals to your business cards. You can add a personalized touch to them. Add anything from a picture of yourself to beautiful scenery. Use pictures that are relevant to your company or profession.

5. Add Texture

Your cards should not only have a nice look, but a nice feel as well. Business cards can be texturized out of cotton, wood, velvet, and even metal. Textured backgrounds are appropriate for every profession or industry.

6. Make Them Edible

Sure, they’re perishable, but people will still take the time to look at them before eating them. You can send in your business card layout to a company that offers this service. The artists will create the layout onto a cookie or chocolate card. Very unique!

7. Make Them “Plantable”

Plantable business cards will leave a lasting impression on your recipients. They are made out of “seed paper”. Just stick them in soil and wait for flowers or veggies to sprout.

8. Badges

If you turn your business cards into badges, people will definitely take notice. If they are pretty, some people might even wear them. There’s enough room for a photo or cartoon character along with your company information.

9. Paper Bag Business Cards

These thick business cards have an opening in which you can put small items like lollies.

10. Games

Keep things entertaining by making business cards with games. For instance, you could add a small game like Naughts and Crosses on the back of each card. Or how about a complicated maze?

11. Envelopes

Make the cards look like an envelope. Put a nice little message inside. If you can’t afford the paper bag cards, then these make a great alternative. Put a small letter or some coupons inside of each envelope.

These will cost more than typical cards, but the people you give them to will take notice. The investment will be worth every cent.

Seven Rules for Handing Out Your Business Cards

Handing out business cards is a great way to advertise and market your business. You may have a small booklet printing business or you could represent a major IT services firm, but when handing out business cards the same rules apply to big and small alike.

But how do you know that your business cards are not being thrown in the trashcan as you leave? Here are seven rules for handing out your business cards:

1. Presentation is Key

Your business card needs to be neat looking with absolutely no folds or tears. Your business cards speak volumes about you so keep them in mint condition.

When ordering your cards from a business card printing company, make sure they use an easy to read dark font. When you receive your order, quickly check every card to make sure there are no ink blotches or stains of any kind.

2. Timing is Everything

Wait for the right time to hand out your business card. The perfect time is always near the end of the conversation when you have gained the person’s confidence. Never hand your card over after just meeting someone, you have to gain their trust and form some kind of a connection before taking that step.

3. Hand Out One Business Card

Too many businessmen make the mistake of handing out multiple cards. Their reasoning is that the individual with five cards will spread them around to his co-workers. But what is a lot more likely is they will throw the whole batch in the bin as soon as you are out of sight. So don’t overload your business associates with your business cards, just give them the one card.

4. Give Your Friends a Business Card or Two

Many people are reluctant to give their friends a business card. They feel as if they are crossing some sort of invisible boundary between business and personal friendship. This is quite unreasonable because if anyone is going to promote your business, it is your friends. For example, if you are a plumber and one of your friends overhears an acquaintance saying that they need to find a plumber to install a new bathroom, you can be sure that they will hand over your business card.

5. Always Have Your Cards With You

Always have a batch of cards with you everywhere you go. Do not place them in your back pocket since they could fold and crease. It is better to have a small business card case that will keep them crease-free.

6. Reciprocate

When a person asks for your card in a meeting or during a networking event, it is considered polite to ask for their card in return.

7. Online Business Cards

Online business cards are an innovative way to connect with businesspeople around the world. Simply send them along with all of your emails.

Every businessperson needs their business cards. With these seven rules you are sure to make many fruitful business connections. Good luck!

5 Ideas to Promote your Charity or non Profit Organisation

Charity organisations and events are amazing ways of raising money for worthy causes, but what about the up-front costs of advertising and promotion? You're likely not going to have a lot of money to work with so competing on the same playing fields as companies with money to burn is unlikely to gain you any notice. You need to put your promotion efforts where people are going to see them with minimal money spent but an air of authenticity. To help you get a good turnout and get noticed, here's 5 ideas for promoting your charity or non-profit organisation:


Best 7 Materials to use in a Promotional Campaign

A promotional campaign will work best for your business if you use top quality printed materials. Even business cards can help you stand out from the competition and is a form of advertising that has been proven over time. There are many forms of promotional material from the humble business card to full size colour photo posters.

Here are seven of the best materials to use when planning a promotional campaign. The campaign may be as simple as getting your information to as many customers and potential customers as possible or a public display at a trade exhibition.

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4 Best Tips to Make Your Business Cards Better Than the Competition

The business card is often viewed as a first impression about you, your business and its products and services. Make sure that impression will be a lasting and favourable one by creating a card that matches your character. Business cards printing is always best left to a printing company for a polished and professional finish. Printing your own cards may not result in the quality look you are after. To stand out from the competition it is necessary to know how they present their companies by way of logos and brand name themes. Check colour schemes and look for something unique in a design that is completely different to your rivals. Continue reading 4 Best Tips to Make Your Business Cards Better Than the Competition

5 Commonsense Ideas for Business Cards

A business card tells a potential customer more about you than how you can be contacted. Professionally designed and well presented business cards can make a big difference to your image. While business card printing using your own equipment may seem tempting, the end result may not have that quality look needed to represent your business.

Before you design and print your cards take a look at these commonsense ideas to get it right first print run.

1. Logo

Create a logo that can be used will all your business stationery. It is not everyone that can come up with great designs so if you are stuck for ideas consult the professionals. Online printers have people on staff who have studied the craft not only of design but what works best in promoting a business.

The great names are remembered not for their name but for the logo. Often the simplest designs prove to be the most effective. There is no mention of McDonalds in the gold M that sits on the red background yet how many people know what that M represents?

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Your Self Designed Pre Folders

Anyone who does business presentations knows that a nice looking and well-designed folder can go a long way in helping your colleagues to sit up and take notice of the information you are presenting to them. Though this type of folder is most often seen in an executive meeting, presentation folders are also very usable in all sorts of business situations. The company that takes care of your business card printing can generally print these folders to your specifications.

What does a presentation folder look like? Generally, a presentation folder will contain your company’s name and logo on the outside, as well as any other information that seems essential. These folders are designed to have a refined, tasteful, and professional appearance, which of course reflects well upon your company. The right kind of presentation folder can make you look extremely organized to the other people in your organization. This is definitely a good thing, for there is nothing better for your career than to make a good impression on your peers.

In the business world, image is everything! That is why presentation folders can be one of your best friends. If part of your job is making presentations, you should know that around 90 percent of your presentation is the image you have created for the people who have gathered. That’s right! How you look is more important than the information you have to present. You could have groundbreaking info to share, but if you don’t look sharp and professional, no one is going to pay too much attention to you.

A well-designed presentation folder can serve as an accessory to that executive image you strive to create. What’s more, when you design your own presentation folders, you can make them look exactly the way you want. You have many options when it comes to the design of these key players. What colour to choose, the general design and style, the size, even the type of paper used and the finish on that paper! All of these make a difference in how the finished product turns out.

Where can you go to self-design your own presentation folders? Find yourself an online corporate brochure printing service for the best prices and choice of folder options. Even though the price of a good supply of presentation folders that you design yourself may seem to be a little steep, remember that you usually get what you pay for. These folders will stand you in good stead for some time to come. Remember, they have other business uses beside that of an executive presentation. As they are usually used to hold various papers and documents, these folders will be of use any time you have a situation where you have an assortment of papers to keep up with.

Always make sure you choose a professional printer to help you to get the most out of a presentation folder design. A good printing company will work with your specifications, and in a short time will have your folder order ready to go to work for you and your business.

Business Cards For The Budget Minded

If you have just started your business, you may be trying hard to stick to a budget until you feel you are making enough of a profit to justify the purchase of your business cards. After all, you’re a newbie in the business world. You don’t really need business cards just yet - or do you? Yes, indeed you do! Business cards are vital if you want to be successful. You should think of your business cards as a portable advertisement for your goods and services, and for you as well. When you hand out your card to people, in a sense they are carrying away a little piece of you and your business. In a way, the essence of what you are doing is concentrated in that card. A business card is a way for people to remember you and what your business is all about. Stop and think for a minute. If people do not remember you and your business, how can you ever expect to get that business off the ground? Some people are of the mistaken opinion that business cards are expensive. Sure, people have been known to pay quite a bit for some very fancy business cards, but you don’t have to do that in order to have cards that will state who you are, what your business is, and how to get in touch with you. Your business logo, if you have one, should also have a place on your business cards. This is so people will begin to associate your name with your logo. Your business card is a type of promotion for you and your business. When people look at and read your card, they will remember your products and services. Then, when they have need of your products or services, they will remember your name and your business and get in touch with you. That’s the beauty of a business card. Such a small piece of card stock can have an awful lot of potential when it is placed in the right hands! Business cards do not have to be expensive. Check around online at some of the business card printing companies who have their own web site. You will see that the design of your business card does not have to be plain and drab just because you are sticking to your budget. Often, you can get a fixed quantity of business cards for a price that will surprise you. There will be times when business card color printing will not be out of your price range. Online printing companies run specials at times, especially if you are a first time customer. Using an online printing company for your business cards is a much better solution than trying to print business cards yourself. It isn’t as easy to do as some people would have you believe! Ink can smudge, card stock can get jammed in your printer, and the business card template you selected can be the wrong size for your card. It’s much easier and more cost effective to let a printing professional do the job for you. Remember, a business card represents both you and your business. First impressions mean a lot, so make sure your business card is designed to please.

Why Business Cards Are A Necessity

Almost everyone knows what a business card is, and what they look like. But, most people, even those who own a business and make use of their own business cards on a daily basis, understand these tools fully. Yes, business cards can be considered a tool, and are very much a necessity if you want to be a success!

Most business cards look pretty much alike, with the same standardized information on them. You might have your name, your business name, a graphic or photo logo off to one side, or perhaps in the middle, depending on the size of it. Usually, the type of business and what the business has to offer to the public are inferred somewhere on the card as well. If you think about it, that's an awful lot of information to place on one little card that generally measures 3 or 4 inches in length, and about 2 inches in width.

Some people attempt to make their own business cards. When you stop to consider that your business card is meant to represent you and your business, then you realize that you really want your business cards to look as good as possible – you want them to really be impressive! The more professional they look, the better you and your business will look in the eyes of the public. So, it's best to allow a professional business card printing service to make your cards for you.

The type of card stock that is used to create your business cards makes a difference. If it is too thin, your cards will seem cheap and flimsy. If you try to print your own cards at home, the card stock sold for this purpose is really not thick enough to make a sturdy card. Professional printing companies use special card stock that is quite elegant and eye catching. It leaves no doubt in anyone's mind that these business cards were done by a pro!

When you design your business cards with the aid of a business card printing service they will look pretty snazzy indeed! Everything will be lined up perfectly, well balanced, and most importantly, well-designed. You want your cards to be memorable, to stand out and be rather unique. A professional printer will allow you to use your own art, whether it is graphics or actual photo. They will know how to arrange just enough info on the card, but not too much! The last thing you want is a cluttered card, for your business information will get lost among all of the confusion.

Business cards are a necessity in today's rather competitive marketplace. If you want to turn your potential customers into loyal, repeat customers, make sure your business cards are printed by a professional printing company. Always keep a supply of cards on your person, and do not hesitate to hand them out on any occasion that you deem appropriate. Business cards can really help your business goals come to fruition!