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7 Tips for Designing your own Business Cards

Your business card is one of the most effective ways of getting your name out there. It's arguably the best marketing tool there is. Able to be slipped into letters or handed over casually, a business card will always be widely accepted. Your business card is the window into you, your business, what you sell and how well you sell it. All of this needs to be clear and straightforward on your card so quality is an important factor when it comes to business card design. Cutting corners in this area will make you seem unprofessional immediately. So, to help you and your business run smoothly, here's 7 tips for designing your business cards: Continue reading 7 Tips for Designing your own Business Cards

How to Find the Right Printing Service for you Printing Job

If you are in the market for a printing service, you want the job done as simply and efficiently as possible. Finding the right printing service is easy when you follow some basic principles. Whether you are after letterhead printing services or a company that can provide all your printing needs think about what you want from the service and make some notes before approaching the provider.
  • How much of the job can you do yourself?
  • Perhaps you already have a well designed logo or template from a previous printing job. It may be that you have something specific in mind for a new letterhead for instance and want to match all your existing stationery. Whatever the job you have in mind, be clear in with your directions by asking for what you want to be designed or produced for you and what you can do ahead of time yourself. Continue reading How to Find the Right Printing Service for you Printing Job

What are the 5 top reasons for Using Online Printers

With so many advances in modern technology it is tempting to think we can do it all for ourselves these days. But self made may not always be the best option. If it is the reputation of your business at stake you may be better off handing an idea to someone who knows the best way to execute it. Think about the basics of letterhead printing. Getting the design right and aligned well may be all it takes to produce a letterhead that looks professional but this is not always an easy task for those who are not trained with the software or in design. Using on line printers give you access to resources not readily available from within your existing computer. These are the five top reasons why you should use online printers for all your stationery printing. Continue reading What are the 5 top reasons for Using Online Printers