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Gift Vouchers as Corporate Rewards

If you have decided that you would like to organize some sort of a promotion for your staff, but are having a problem deciding just what kind of promotion to choose, let gift vouchers come to the rescue! A gift voucher is sometimes called a gift certificate or a gift card. It is a perfect solution to that age-old question of what to give staff members for a job well done, or for a holiday like Christmas. A personalized gift voucher with your business name and address added is a lovely way to remember your top sales representatives, your office staff, or anyone within your corporation. Some companies will use gift vouchers in the following manner. The highest ranked sales representatives in the company are given gift vouchers of varying amounts. What they will do with these is use them as an incentive for returning customers. For example, let’s say Sales Representative A uses a $100.00 gift voucher as a 10% offer to reward Customer C, who has just purchased $1000.00 worth of new furniture. Since Sales Representative A works on commission, he ends up with more than he would have received if he had just been given a $100.00 voucher to use for himself. Gift vouchers that are used for corporate rewards do not have to be redeemable only at your own place of business. You can purchase various gift vouchers that are redeemable at many different types of establishments. The most professional way to use these ready- made gift vouchers is to have a type of presentation card printed to hold the voucher. You may choose to have the entire voucher printed. Don’t make the mistake of trying to print these yourself on a home computer. Even with your own staff, you want anything you present to them as a corporate reward to look professional! Your best bet for good-looking gift vouchers that you can be proud to give out to your staff members is to locate a good printing company. Any company that can do a good job with business card color printing can do a good job for you on a set of gift vouchers. Often, gift vouchers are printed in a form that makes them more like coupons. This type of voucher is popular on the corporate level as well as with staff members. Each individual coupon in the voucher booklet is good for a separate item, and this makes it a favourite with everyone. When your people receive one of these as a gift, be they corporate or customer, it is something that they will not soon forget. Once you have chosen the printing company that you want to do business with, give them your ideas for a gift voucher. If by chance you aren’t exactly sure how you would like for these vouchers to look, your professional printer can help you to decide on both a design and a pattern that is typically used. Perhaps they will even work out a package deal where you can also purchase label printing services along with the vouchers for one discounted price. Using a gift voucher as a corporate reward as well as a customer reward makes good business sense for your company as well as your company budget.

Gift Vouchers Can Promote Goodwill

The use of gift vouchers in your business can be an excellent way to promote goodwill among your best customers. Often called gift certificates or gift cards, gift vouchers are sometimes crafted from paper, somewhat like a coupon. This was actually the norm until the plastic vouchers that resemble credit cards became popular. However, both styles are still very much in use. When you have a customer who buys a great deal of merchandise from you all at once, or many regular customers, presenting a gift voucher to those customers is a nice touch that will foster their loyalty to your business. Gift vouchers are also the perfect marketing tool to use whenever you want to attract new customers. If you have done your homework, and know your target market, you can arrange to offer a voucher when a new customer purchases a certain amount of your products as a sort of thank you to that customer. Gift vouchers can be used in many ways to help you retain your customer base, and also to bring in new customers. One way to do is this is for your business to sell the vouchers for others to buy and give as gifts to friends and family. This means that you are going to do the same amount of business that the sold gift vouchers add up to. Only around five percent of the people who receive a gift voucher neglect to redeem it. If you were to do the math, and add up the total of those unredeemed gift cards, you may find that this amount will come close to equalling the amount you paid to have your gift vouchers printed up. Another added bonus to using gift vouchers is that most people who receive them will spend more than the face amount of the voucher. This can be helpful to your business, especially at certain times of the year when sales sometimes drop off. You can also use vouchers in a rewards promotion that you advertise. For example, every customer who refers a new customer who purchases a certain amount by a certain date gets a gift voucher. Send a gift voucher to a customer whom your records show has not purchased anything from your business in a while. Invite them to return, and offer them a certain amount off the price of one of your products. It goes without saying that you want any gift vouchers that represent your business to be distinctive. In order to accomplish this, you should hire a professional printing company to get the job done for you. A good online printing company that is used to doing business card color printing or full color postcard printing should be able to do a wonderful job on your gift vouchers. Try to select a printing company who has a graphic designer available to help you decide on the colour and design of your vouchers. This will help to insure that they will be a credit to your business, and irresistible to your customers – past, present, and future.