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9 Design Tips for Printing Business Brochures

Marketing is the key to your company’s success. Whether you’re running a small business or a large company, you need to invest in promotional material. In addition to business card printing, you will also need brochures. And in order to get the highest quality brochures, you need to have a unique design. To help you get started, here are nine design ideas for business brochures. 1. Message What is it that you want to convey? You need to use your words sparingly. Nobody is going to read a bunch of small print paragraphs. A huge part of the message should include images and graphics. This is where your designer will help you. As for the words, you must figure out what you want to say and how to say it concisely.

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Ten Ways to Promote Your Business with Print Media

Whether it’s booklet printing or flyers, print media is a tried and tested means of promoting your business. But what are some of the most effective ways to promote your business with print media?
For our purposes, let’s make up a hypothetical company – Jim’s Photography. Here are ten ways that Jim can promote his photography business with print media:
  1. Brochures
  2. Brochures are great for promoting your business. For Jim, he can make use of the brochure's multiple pages by including a wide range of photographic samples, like senior portraits, baby images and wedding photos. Continue reading Ten Ways to Promote Your Business with Print Media

8 Tips for Improving Customer Relations

Your customers are the most important part of your business. It goes without saying that without them there would be no sales and nobody to advertise to. As such, it makes sense to make them as comfortable as possible. Customer relations is the way in which you interact with your clientele, and it could always stand to be improved, so here's ways to improve customer relations in your business.

1. Be open and transparent

Ensure that you have policies and philosophies in place when it comes to how your staff treat your customers. Part of staff training should include how they are to greet and deal with customers as a standard.

2. Be helpful

Your customers may need to know where they stand on your policies or methods so printing posters or brochures explaining how to order, return policies and other essential information that may not be obvious is a good idea.

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Your Self Designed Pre Folders

Anyone who does business presentations knows that a nice looking and well-designed folder can go a long way in helping your colleagues to sit up and take notice of the information you are presenting to them. Though this type of folder is most often seen in an executive meeting, presentation folders are also very usable in all sorts of business situations. The company that takes care of your business card printing can generally print these folders to your specifications.

What does a presentation folder look like? Generally, a presentation folder will contain your company’s name and logo on the outside, as well as any other information that seems essential. These folders are designed to have a refined, tasteful, and professional appearance, which of course reflects well upon your company. The right kind of presentation folder can make you look extremely organized to the other people in your organization. This is definitely a good thing, for there is nothing better for your career than to make a good impression on your peers.

In the business world, image is everything! That is why presentation folders can be one of your best friends. If part of your job is making presentations, you should know that around 90 percent of your presentation is the image you have created for the people who have gathered. That’s right! How you look is more important than the information you have to present. You could have groundbreaking info to share, but if you don’t look sharp and professional, no one is going to pay too much attention to you.

A well-designed presentation folder can serve as an accessory to that executive image you strive to create. What’s more, when you design your own presentation folders, you can make them look exactly the way you want. You have many options when it comes to the design of these key players. What colour to choose, the general design and style, the size, even the type of paper used and the finish on that paper! All of these make a difference in how the finished product turns out.

Where can you go to self-design your own presentation folders? Find yourself an online corporate brochure printing service for the best prices and choice of folder options. Even though the price of a good supply of presentation folders that you design yourself may seem to be a little steep, remember that you usually get what you pay for. These folders will stand you in good stead for some time to come. Remember, they have other business uses beside that of an executive presentation. As they are usually used to hold various papers and documents, these folders will be of use any time you have a situation where you have an assortment of papers to keep up with.

Always make sure you choose a professional printer to help you to get the most out of a presentation folder design. A good printing company will work with your specifications, and in a short time will have your folder order ready to go to work for you and your business.

Customised Promotional Material Will Turn Heads!

Have you ever thought about using customised promotional material for your business? If you haven’t, this is definitely something you should consider. With such a wide variety of products available that are suitable for customisation, your business name and message can easily reach hundreds of potential customers each day.

Why should you choose customised promotional material? The main reason is usually the least obvious to business owners. They are of the opinion that the use of promotional products will be horribly expensive, and much more than their advertising budget can stand. All they can see is that they are giving something away, something that cost them money. What they fail to realize is that by handing out these little gifts, they are building company recognition. People will see the business name and logo, or a company slogan, every time they use the item.

Take a coffee mug for example. Most adults use such a mug every day, sometimes more than once a day. Every time they grip the mug’s handle to take a drink, they can’t help but notice the information that is printed on the side of the mug. Even the use of a customised promotional item that is as small as a keychain or a pen for writing can carry your message to potential customers neatly and efficiently.

In fact, these smaller items often will be inadvertently passed from person to person, giving your business information even more exposure. Everyone who sees your various promotional items could be considered a potential customer. If your message jumps out at them, they can very well turn into new and then repeat customers. Promotional items that turn heads have a way of doing this!

Customised promotional material is not as expensive as you would think, especially when you consider the cost of other types of advertising for your business. A print advertisement stays in the mind only for a short time. Even a television or radio commercial will gradually fade from memory. However, an item that is in use every day, which includes your company information, will bring your business into the lives and minds of those who have it in their homes.

How would someone go about getting customised promotional material for his or her business? You first will need to decide exactly what item or items you will want to use. It’s possible that you can choose products that are connected in some way to your business. Or, you can just go with the most popular items, such as products from a calendar printing service, computer accessories, pens, mugs, candy, bags, and computer cases. What you choose can depend on how much you want to spend. You may choose to hand out the smaller, lower priced items more freely than the larger, costlier items, but that is up to you.

There are many sites on the web where you can see and choose from the many promotional items offered by different printing companies. Any company that does a good job of colour brochure printing, or the printing of any other common marketing tool, will also be able to do a good job on your customised promotional items.

Choosing A Supplier For Your Printing Needs

How should you choose a supplier for your printing needs? What do you look for when choosing a professional printing company? A lot depends on what you are having printed. It isn't unusual for a company to use more than one printer to fulfil their printing needs. Just like people, some professional printers specialize in certain types of printing. What you are looking for in a printer is a place that will give you a good quality job at a decent price that you can afford. Often, different printing companies will use different kinds of printing equipment. If you want to make sure that a printing company you have in mind can do the type of printing that you are in need of, you can ask to see samples of work they have done before. This will tell you what you need to know about the company's graphic design department. If by chance they seem hesitant about letting you see any samples, this is proof positive that they don't have the design skills they should have. Any time a company is proud of their work, it shows. Whether you are looking for a good printer capable of envelope printing or perhaps greeting card printing, you want a company that is willing to work with you on getting your design just right. Will they help you choose the font and font size that looks best? Can they take your photos or graphics and arrange them until they fit properly on your flyers or calendars? Are you required to do the printing setup, or will the printing company do this for you? All of these things may seem trivial, but they can save you a lot of time. And as you probably already know, in business, time is money! Does the printer try to sell you extras that you really don't need? Has he or she explained to you that if you really are looking to save money on your printing needs, printing in one colour is cheaper and faster? Or does your printer just go ahead and plan to do all of your work in the more expensive colour ink? Will the professional printer you have tentatively chosen be able to finish the printing job or jobs you have planned in the time frame you will need them in? Of course, you should take into consideration whether or not your printing job is an easy or a not-so-easy job. On the other hand, you don't want your job to be rushed! The quality of the printing may suffer quite a bit if the printing is done too fast. Don't take that chance, whatever you do! To sum up, choose a professional printing company by the quality of the print work they can accomplish, and the time frame that they can accomplish it in. Make sure they can work with you and any design you have planned, and will have no trouble with any graphic or photo files you want transferred to your work. Get samples from any of the printing companies you have questions about. Make sure you will be receiving quality work, for your printed material is what represents both you and your business to your customers.

Creating A Newsletter For Your Organisation

Have you given any thought to how much a newsletter could benefit your organisation? You may already send periodic emails to your members, keeping them abreast of what is going on with your group or cause. Think of what a newsletter, printed with the same high quality you see with most colour brochure printing could mean to your members.

You can do a lot more when working with a professional printer to make a paper newsletter that is delivered through the regular mail than you could ever do with an online newsletter. This is not meant to disparage the talented men and women who do such a fine job of graphic design with a computer. Their online newsletters can be true works of art. In fact, the professional printer you choose to print your newsletters for you on a regular basis also uses his or her talents in graphic art to design and create your finished product, so you are sure to be more than pleased with the results.

“Why not just print them myself on my own printer?” you may be thinking. Once you add up the costs for your ink, paper, and the time it takes you to design and print a few hundred newsletters, you will see that it is usually much more reasonable to have a professional do the job for you. Plus, when you work with a printing company that promises you the best possible price, as well as design help, you'll come to the conclusion that you are really getting quite a bargain. You can even take advantage of their label printing services to help you with the task of mailing your newsletters.

Your organisation needs a newsletter with a purpose, so in the beginning, you should decide just what your newsletter will contain, and how often you will want to come out with a new issue. Do you want to include stories from members, news from the staff, a calendar listing of what will be happening with your group for the next six months, or a potpourri of engaging snippets of interesting and relevant news, interspersed with photos that could tell a story all by themselves?

Once you have decided on the contents of your snail-mail newsletter, it's time to start checking on prices with professional printers. Don't hesitate to do some price comparisons online! Often, the choice of an online printing company is a smart choice for your organisation's budget, as well as the newsletter itself. When you are able to save money and get your printing done in a quick and efficient manner, your organisation will look splendid in the eyes of the community.

The group who is in charge of the newsletter will be able to add so much that will be of interest to those who will be receiving it in the mail! You may find that there is a clamour of recognition for your organisation as the newsletter gets passed from person to person and read and re-read. More people than ever will know of the existence of your group, and you may even welcome some new members as a result of this newsletter.

Print Advertising and Your Business

Anyone who spends a lot of time online may be unaware of the popularity of print media today. When you shop online, read the news online, and make use of online magazines, you don't really have time to pay much attention to advertising that is anywhere else. Despite the ease and speed with which one can find out all sorts of information online, print advertising is alive and well... thriving, in fact. Though it's hard for computer-savvy people to even fathom such a thing, many homes do not have a computer, nor do they plan on purchasing one any time in the foreseeable future. These people depend on the time-honoured method of viewing advertisements in newspapers and magazines, as well as on flyers, brochures, calendars and the like. It seems that some folks, especially seniors, have an odd distrust of computers, and wouldn't think of giving up their daily newspaper, or their monthly magazine subscription! In fact, statistics show that in a month's time, around 70 percent of adults will use an advertisement from the newspaper to help them make or plan to make a purchase. Many businesses seem to be leaning toward spending more time and attention – which of course translates into money – on their online advertising. This is a mistake! You could be reaching far more people if you also advertised online. Don't take an “all or nothing” attitude with your advertising budget! You know that your online ads are bringing in customers, but have you ever stopped to consider that segment of the population that you are not reaching, simply because they never go online? Internet advertising does have its advantages. No one is going to argue about that. But, there's something so tangible about an advert in a newspaper or magazine, or for that matter, an ad printed on any kind of paper. People like something they can hold, something they can keep, or fold and place in their pocket or purse to help them to remember a certain product or service that they would like to try. There is a place in the world for both types of advertising. Your business could end up far ahead of the competition by paying equal attention to both options. It is less expensive to advertise online than it is to use a flyer printing service or hire a professional printer to take care of your corporate brochure printing. But, in the long run, you will find that it is money well spent. Actually, it would work out to be plain good business sense for you to use print advertising in your business as well as online advertising. If you have wondered how you could attract customers from your local area, then the printed word with attractive graphics is the way to go! Then, place your web address in all of your printed advertisements for a double dose of advertising goodness! It doesn't have to overshadow your print ad at all, but if you want the address to get noticed, have your chosen professional printer use a nice-sized font, and perhaps a vivid and unusual colour that blends in with the rest of the ad. Get the word out that you have an online presence as well as a brick and mortar store, and you should see your business improve!

Using Print Advertising To Your Advantage

If you've put your business on a diet – or rather, if you have a budget for your business, you'll be glad to know that using print advertising does not have to be horribly expensive. In fact, print advertising can be used to your advantage rather easily when you are staying within the confines of a budget. Print advertising means using newsletters, pamphlets, brochures, posters, postcards, calendars, flyers, greeting cards and the like to make a statement about your business. There are times when making a statement can be advantageous to even a small business. Even though you may have a web site for your business, it isn't a good idea to always confine your advertisements to the web. People offline may see your printed offerings, and become interested in doing business with you because of them. In advertising, the name of the game is to bring in customers, both new ones and those who have purchased from you before. Print advertising can have a distinct advantage over web advertising in that it is more portable. You can read a flier or a postcard anywhere. Even though there are laptop computers, you cannot necessarily say that you can use them just anywhere. If you are somewhere without computer access, then a web advertisement isn't going to do you much good at all! In an ideal world, a business would advertise on the web as well as offline. Print ads could mimic web ads, or they could be entirely different for a reason. Taking advantage of colour brochure printing is a good idea in more ways than one. Brochures are cheap to mail, and people do enjoy receiving them, especially if they are well made and eye-catching. They are capable of listing quite a lot of information in a relatively small space, and are not the sort of thing that most people would throw away. Instead, people tend to save them to refer to over and over again. Using print advertising for your business around the holidays is a really innovative way to get the word out about your business while also presenting your customer with a small gift. Custom calendar printing allows you to customize both the photographs and the information on a lovely 12 month calendar for your customers. They will use this gift for an entire year, and think of your business each time they look at the date! To take advantage of the many benefits of print advertising, you need to choose a professional supplier for your printing needs. Try to find a printing company that will work with you on both the design and the text of whatever printed product you choose to use. You will be pleased at the speed in which your printing order will be delivered, and also with the professional quality of the work. You can use print advertising in conjunction with your web site for a double dose of marketing smarts. Always place your web address somewhere on your printed advertisements. You may find that people will be drawn to your site online that would never have found it otherwise, bringing your more business on a steady basis.

Tri-Fold Brochures For The Small Business

Have you ever noticed that the most popular style of brochure for the small business owner or operator seems to be the tri-fold? Have you ever wondered why? It is because the tri-fold brochure will fit perfectly into a #10 business size envelope. Actually, the moniker of tri-fold is really unsuitable for this brochure. It isn't folded three times, but two. If you were to unfold one of these and examine it, you would see that the entire brochure is the size of a sheet of paper measuring 8 1/2 by 11 inches. This is good to know, for you can use this kind of paper to create a mock-up brochure in order to assure yourself that all of your business information will fit on a brochure of this size.

Designing a brochure for your small business can be rather fun. Pay special attention to the information that you plan to add the back of the brochure. Do not place any important facts here, for studies have shown that this section is read and looked at less than any of the others. If anything more than contact information is on the back, chances are not many people will actually see it, and your advertising will not reach those it was meant for.

The section to pay attention to is not the front of the brochure, as many seem to believe, but the inside panel on the left-hand side. This is where the eye usually gravitates to first, and after that, most people look at the other two inside panels. So you want to be sure that you have some compelling information to place in these panels as well as photos or illustrations that correspond to your business. By using this part of of the brochure, the pertinent business points will be better noticed.

If you are having some trouble deciding how you want your brochures to look, why not choose a brochure printing company that will assist you in designing them? Printing professionals are well versed in giving help to businesses who are not sure exactly what they want. They will even work up a design layout for your approval before the printing of the brochures gets underway. If you do not have your own photos or illustrations, they can supply you with artwork that will really dress up your business brochures.

No matter what kind of business you have, you will find that colour brochure printing will highlight your business in many ways. Once the public knows more about what you have to offer, as detailed in your brochures, your business is sure to pick up speed, based entirely on the advertising power of the tri-fold brochure. These can be mailed out to your customer base, left on the front counter beneath a tasteful “Take One” sign, or used as direct advertising to a targeted group of consumers who have been previously interested in businesses such as yours.