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7 Businesses that Need Flyers

The use of printed flyers as promotional material has become common practice in recent years. It is an effective way to let your customers know about upcoming sales and events. The cost of flyer printing can be quite affordable too if you use an online printing company.

Some of the businesses that might look to using flyers in their promotional campaigns are listed below but no matter what your trade or industry, there is sure to be a time when a printed flyer can be used not only as a form of advertising but a source of information as well.

1. New Businesses

All new businesses will benefit from letting the local neighbourhood know they are now in operation. A simple one sided flyer can be printed with details of the opening day and what is available for sale or particular services to be provided. It is a way of getting your information out to a large group of people for little money.

2. Hospitality Industry

From restaurants to take away food shops, the flyer is ideal for listing the menu or advertising special deals. They can even be used for vouchers and two for one meal deals.

3. Home Services

Any business that provides home services can advertise with flyers. They are ideal for pet grooming, the general handyman or gardener. Locals may not be aware of your services if you do not have a shopfront, so having a letterbox drop in the neighbourhood it is a good way to let people know what you have to offer.

4. Financial Services

Accountants, tax agents and bookkeepers can use flyers to remind their clients of due dates for reporting periods to the tax department. They could also give advice to changes in the legislation or other relevant information. Flyers are an affordable option. For specific booklets printing requirements sourcing a printing service on line can save more money and time.

5. Community Groups

Neighbourhood centres and charitable organisations can inform the local public about coming events and fundraisers. Most people will keep a flyer in the kitchen drawer or by the phone to remind them of the dates when functions are held.

6. Tradespeople

Most tradespeople work from a home office so they are not in the public eye in the same way as businesses that operate from a store or shopfront. Advertising regularly in newspapers can be rather expensive. A flyer is not only a cheaper alternative but people are more likely to hold on to it than an ad from the paper.

7. Hairdressers and Beauty Treatments

Newcomers to the area will be wanting to know who the local hairdresser is and what other beauty treatments are available. Health centres and retreats can use flyers as promotional material and announce special packages being offered.

This list is by no means exhaustive and all companies no matter how big or small will do well to consider having flyers printed for those special messages needed to inform the public, advertise their business and sales’ news.