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Top 5 Tips for Making a Great Marketing Campaign

What makes a marketing campaign both unforgettable and effective? Marketing campaigns that stick with consumers are the kind that offer a link or bond of some kind between the company and their clientele. Great marketing campaigns appeal to the emotions of their audience, with humour ranking high on the hit list. A marketing campaign needs to be transparent, honest, effective and affecting, but how do you go about doing so? Here's 5 top tips that will help you build a great campaign:

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Creating a Booklet for Your Professional Needs

How would you like to have a promotional tool for your business that would make marketing quick and easy, inexpensive, and even fun? Create a booklet, either to see or to hand out for free! “Oh, I can't do that,” you might be thinking. “That's an awful lot like writing a book! There's just no way I could manage to come up with enough information to write a booklet!” Don't sell yourself short! Writing a booklet is much easier than you may have been led to believe. And with the assistance of a reputable and professional company like Dark Horse Print and Design, booklet printing has never been easier or more economical! Maybe you are looking for something like a mini catalogue, or something more like an instruction booklet or a newsletter with multiple pages. Whatever style of booklet you end up choosing, Dark Horse can get the job done for you fast, with experienced printers in house and a wide range of binding and presentation options awaiting your perusal for your own booklet. Your binding options are discussed at length on the Dark Horse web site. You should choose either a two colour or a four colour booklet, for Dark House offers colour booklet printing at a very reasonable price. Once you are firm on the subject of your booklet, and have chosen suitable photos for it, then you can concentrate on the design of the booklet and how you want everything laid out. Pay special attention to the cover of your booklet. Often the first thing people will see, the cover should convey the image of your company that you want to present to the world. Nothing garish or silly, which could be misleading to potential customers. The inside pages of your booklet should of course be neat, uncluttered, and informative. Choose the font with care, and make sure that it is readable. Don't make your booklet too complicated. Simple is better, and if you have too many pages included, people are going to mistake your booklet for a magazine! Seriously though, research has shown that the average person reads through a booklet for only a few minutes before putting it down, unless of course they are deeply interested in the information. But the longer the booklet, the less time the average person will spend reading them. The text can be made up of information concerning your business, product, or both, or perhaps instructions concerning your product, or its history. Give the text some thought, for this is the “meat” of the whole booklet. If by chance you already have a booklet design with artwork all done up and ready for printing, we will be happy to offer you a trade discount. Otherwise, you must provide the artwork along with your text requirements, and within 48 hours, you will receive in your email a proof layout of your booklet so that you can see what it will look like, based on your own specifications. You can make changes as often as needed until everything about the booklet is “just so” at no extra charge. Dark Horse will then deliver your booklets to you in 3-5 days anywhere across Australia. A promotional booklet can bring in many new customers for you!