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4 Steps to A Killer Gig Poster/Flyer

Somehow, good music and concert flyers always seem a darn sight cooler than posters for just about anything else. Although they are essentially mass advertising, a good gig poster never seems contrived or corporate, and in fact seem more like art, perhaps because music itself is an art form. That being said, it is possible to make an unsuccessful gig flyer, so we've worked out a few tips for getting quality promotional material out there from start to finish in four easy steps, from the conceptual stage all the way through to the flyer printing and distribution stages. Continue reading 4 Steps to A Killer Gig Poster/Flyer

How to Make a Booklet Fast and Easy

There are so many reasons you may need to print a booklet. Whether you're trying to condense data in a concise, easy to follow way or trying to advertise a product or service that your business offers, a booklet can be the perfect forum for delivering information. A lot of businesses engage the services of a booklet printing company to deal with getting the final product, but this doesn't mean that all the work is taken out. The most challenging part of creating a booklet has to do with content, design and layout, all of which you can design yourself with a few simple tips. Continue reading How to Make a Booklet Fast and Easy

How To Make a Memorable Business Card

In a world where everyone is online and we don't even use a phonebook anymore, you might be under the impression that business card printing and booklet printing are no longer necessary. Nothing could be further from the truth. Because we now have so many avenues on which we can be found such as Facebook, Twitter, our blogs, our websites, our home, business and mobile phones, we have even more need for compact ways of giving this information to people we meet in a hurry. The average business card these days has no less than about 5 different methods of contact written on it, and gives clients and associates a range of options when the time comes to get in touch. But how do you make a business card that sticks in someone's mind? This article gives you tips and advice on how to make sure your business card is a memorable one. Continue reading How To Make a Memorable Business Card

How to Choose the Right Printing Company

Whether you're a graphic designer looking to outsource printing for your clients or a business looking to deal directly with a printing company for business card printing or mass-newsletter sends, the printing company you decide upon can have a big effect on your success. Making the wrong choice can not only lead to delays and mistakes, it can also cost you clients or sully your reputation in the business world by creating sub-standard products. There are a few things to look out for when trying to decide on a printing company and we've put together a list to try to help you out. Happy hunting! Continue reading How to Choose the Right Printing Company

Seasonal Marketing Ideas

In the world of marketing 'Seasonality' is an area of constant focus. By looking at seasonality we can take advantages and make cost savings by better understanding trends in our market. Seasonality is about looking at all the regular and constant market trends for your business. By extrapolating on this we can apply strategies on development and maximising the right times to the right parts of our business.. Christmas, school holidays, taxation time, Summer and Winter are all elements of seasonality. Look at the whole year. It may be a good idea to arrange Christmas business card printing in November and distribute your greeting cards and take advantage of the festive season to remind your clients about you and your business. Here are some core seasonal marketing ideas to help you better market and grow your business.

Continue reading Seasonal Marketing Ideas

5 Tips on How to Write Advertising Copy

Not everyone is a expert and writing advertising copy is a specialised field but there are some basic principles to writing advertising copy that you can execute yourself when preparing for booklet printing or your own advertisements. Here are 5 basic tips and hints on how to write copy and good advertising copy for you and your business.

Continue reading 5 Tips on How to Write Advertising Copy

6 Novel Marketing Ideas

Marketing is big business. However not all marketing has to be big cost. Good marketing is about getting people to remember your message and not just to getting it to them. Sometimes great ideas are what make the marketing difference. On the other hand, poor marketing can be detrimental to business. Bombarding potential customers and others with a poorly thought out messages may steer them away from choosing you, lacking information despite spending all that money on your booklet printing can be a costly mistake. Be careful with the message you wish to communicate and start with clear concise messages. Take time to think through and make sure that target readers will understand what you are trying to say. In the meantime here are 6 novel, interesting and effective marketing ideas to get attention... Continue reading 6 Novel Marketing Ideas

Printing Terms and What They Mean

You have a logo and booklets, business cards, letterheads and other stationery ready for your business and head to a professional printer. Thinking you have the hard part nailed, it can be distressing to be met with a load of terms specific to printing only to realise that you have little to no idea of what they mean. Before heading off for booklet printing, business card printing, or any other type of printing, have a look at this list which defines some key printing terms.


Text, graphics and illustrations used in combination or individually ready for printing.


Additional image that extends beyond the edge of the page. When an image or colour is printed to the edge of a page, a bleed is used so that when the paper is cut, a white line does not appear on the edge of the page.


Binding is the process of joining papers together (commonly by wire, glue, thread or plastic combs) to enable the papers to be easily read and transported.


One of the colour methods for printing is CYMK, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (black). Almost all colour printing involves these four primary colours and is often referred to as "four-colour" or “four colour process” printing.


Written content and text used in printed material, including advertising.

Digital Printing

Printing which uses digital imaging processes to transfer an image directly on to plain paper without time delay and without the use of traditional rollers and plates.


DPI means Dots Per Inch. The resolutions of input, display and output devices are explained by DPI. The more dots per inch (that fit horizontally and vertically in a one inch measure), the higher the quality of an image and the sharper the appearance of the image.


DTP is the acronym for Desk Top Publishing. DTP is usually the process of organising the layout and appearance of documents and publications such as magazines and other advertising. Sometimes, DTP refers to the program used for the design of a publication. These include: PhotoShop, FreeHand and InDesign.


A ‘mocked up’ version of a booklet, business card or other ‘to be printed’ piece. A dummy is created using the same type of paper as will be used in the finished product and is a useful reference for all involved in the process of creating a publication.


Imagine (or you may even be familiar) with an image being pressed into paper so that it is raised above the surface, something like a bump. In the printing world, this is embossing.


Rather than raising the image, engraving involves the image being cut out of the paper.

Fold marks

Small blue crosses that are printed on paper are fold marks and their purpose is to give designers a visual guide as to where folding will occur in the finished product.


A thin transparent plastic sheet covers the piece so that it is protected from heavy use and liquid. Lamination is frequently for used for pieces that are displayed, such as posters and signs.

Offset Printing

Ink is offset from the printing plate to a second roller and then on to paper. To date, this is the most common type of printing done commercially.


 The term ‘watermark’ usually refers to an image that is placed in the centre of the paper and is usually produced so that it does not intervene with the text that sits on top of it.

Printing today can be a complex and sophisticated field, far different from the days when it involved only black ink. New options enable creativity and originality but in order to capitalise on these options, it is necessary to understand the key printing terms that are used. Whether clever and original booklet printing or business card printing is needed, there are many possibilities to select from in order to get an ideal and effective product.

5 Ideas to Promote your Charity or non Profit Organisation

Charity organisations and events are amazing ways of raising money for worthy causes, but what about the up-front costs of advertising and promotion? You're likely not going to have a lot of money to work with so competing on the same playing fields as companies with money to burn is unlikely to gain you any notice. You need to put your promotion efforts where people are going to see them with minimal money spent but an air of authenticity. To help you get a good turnout and get noticed, here's 5 ideas for promoting your charity or non-profit organisation: