Designing Effective Movie Posters

Movie posters are the earliest form of trailers or previews for audiences, and play a critical role in marketing a film by raising awareness of the film. Movie Director recently provided some insights on how to design an effective movie poster, and used a couple of classic examples for inspiration.

With Compliments Slips

As recently as five years ago, it used to be common practice for businesses to provide their customers, suppliers and business partners with ‘With Compliments’ slips to signal their appreciation for the contribution they had made to their business. For example, the ‘With Compliments’ slip would usually include a message that would thank the customer …

Essential Basics for Designing Business Cards

Business cards serve a highly practical purpose, as they are a convenient tool for giving clients essential contact information. While Do-It-Yourself (DIY) options are available, professional printing is usually the better choice. DIY vs. professional printing DIY business cards are typically designed online or with a software program. These can vary depending on the design …

Brochure Printing Tips

Brochures are versatile and highly effective marketing tools. Well-designed brochures enable businesses to express their brand image and communicate useful information about their products. Here are some useful insights for effective brochure printing.

How to Achieve Perfect Poster Printing

The availability of personal computers and graphic design software means it is possible to design and create your own posters from scratch. However, quality posters that make the right impression require more than just home office equipment. These are the key factors for perfect poster printing.

3 Common Errors to Avoid in Poster Printing and Design

Posters are highly visual marketing tools, and equal thought should be given to the print and design aspects as the title and content of the brochure. When designing and printing a poster, it is advised that you avoid these three common errors. Cluttered headlines Cluttered headlines make posters lose focus. They can confuse readers and …

Posters as Core Marketing Tools

Posters are classic marketing tools. They have endured as an essential marketing tool even after many new alternatives have emerged. Some of the reasons why posters remain popular include cost effectiveness, versatility and impact. Cost effectiveness Posters are cheap to design, print and reproduce. They can be used to create a powerful impact without costing …