Designing Effective Movie Posters

Movie posters are the earliest form of trailers or previews for audiences, and play a critical role in marketing a film by raising awareness of the film. Movie Director recently provided some insights on how to design an effective movie poster, and used a couple of classic examples for inspiration.

How to Achieve Perfect Poster Printing

The availability of personal computers and graphic design software means it is possible to design and create your own posters from scratch. However, quality posters that make the right impression require more than just home office equipment. These are the key factors for perfect poster printing.

Top 8 Printing Ideas from Online Printers

If you are looking to have your stationery professionally printed, there is more on offer from online printers than letterheads and business cards. Among some of the other printed materials for sale are brochures and booklets. Using posters printing services that are sourced on line are not only easy and convenient but can be an …

Customised Poster Prints as Giveaways

Conducting a giveaway can be a surprisingly effective way of bringing a lot more business to your company. Let’s say that you are the owner of several stores, often referred to as a “chain”. Suppose you have decided that each of these stores is going to have its own separate giveaway. You advertise your giveaway …

Poster Ads Get Noticed by Everyone!

If you have been brainstorming lately, trying to figure out an effective way to advertise your business that doesn’t cost the earth to start up and maintain, then you need to consider using posters as advertisements. A great place to go when you are planning your poster printing is Dark Horse Print and Design. Not …