The Definitive Guide to 2017 Australian Calendars

As we head into 2017, charity organisations continue to be a major factor in Australian calendar production. Generally speaking, most calendar themes are at least loosely tied to the cause represented by each individual charity. For example, the Buy a Bale organisation, established to support farmers and others having a rough time in rural areas …

Overcoming the Costs and Trials of Self-Publishing

Self-publishing offers a path to seeing your work in print and making it available to people regardless of perceived commercial viability by agents and publishing houses. Self-publishing can even be highly profitable for those who succeed at it. With the availability of inexpensive print-on-demand technology, you can easily self-publish on a shoestring budget and deliver …

Tools and Resources for Designers

Like all designers, you probably spend a lot of time trying to find the perfect pattern, font, and colour combo for your project. But what if you could just bookmark a page that had all the design tools and resources you’ll ever need, cutting out those gruelling hours of searching? Well, you can. Here you’ll …

The Story of Helvetica

Since its release in 1957, Helvetica has fast become one of the world’s most popular fonts. It’s now almost omnipresent in print, on the internet, and even in news and movies. But what are the driving factors behind this popularity? Where did Helvetica start, and why is it so popular today?

How to Design and Publish Your Own Comics

Comics are an amazing thing. After introducing countless children to their favourite superheroes over many years, they continue to delight both new and old school readers alike. Comic books have experienced somewhat of a resurgence of late, perhaps due to the movies and TV shows being created and inspired by famous comics.