Our Favourite Apps for Logo Design


Designing effective logos is no easy task, any designer will tell you that. However in an age where ideas are springing up at the speed of light, anything from a quick logo prototype to a fully-fledged brand identity is often required at a moments notice.

Gone are the days where graphic designers (or those who fancy themselves as designers) had to be tied to a clunky desktop in order to work their creative magic. Tablets have become increasingly popular as functional devices, and thankfully there are a number of apps available that mean creative types are not left out in the productivity stakes.

Here are a few apps that we think are the best when it comes to logo design on the go. These apps vary from the fun (when you might want to just sketch out a logo concept quickly) to the comprehensive (when you are serious about your work), and cater to typeface selection as well as illustration.


Sometimes it’s beneficial to go back to the bare basics. This is a simple app that will allow you to – you guessed it – sketch ideas when the mood strikes you.


Adobe Ideas

This is a great vector illustration tool and is handy for when you have that moment of creative genius that needs to be captured immediately. Recent updates mean that there is now layer functionality as well as additional brush and colour options.


Paper by FiftyThree

When paper is hard to come by, or if you are just a true convert of the digital age, this app is superb. This is probably the closest thing to paper on a mobile device, and with the optional modules for sketching, no idea will ever escape you.



Colour is an important component of logo design and with Palettes, you can browse, compare, and generate colours that inspire you on the go.


Adobe Photoshop Express

What designer doesn’t love Photoshop? As a longtime staple of the design community, it was only a matter of time until Adobe released a mobile derivative. However, it’s important to note that this isn’t Photoshop, but a rather good mobile-based photo editing app. Whilst you won’t be designing a logo from beginning to end, you may benefit from using it for adding some style to your logo concepts on the go.


Font Metric

Typography is a growing science in the design community, and this app is extremely useful when trying to determine the metrics of a particular font while designing a logo. If your desired font isn’t there, you can upload it. This could prove to be a very useful tool indeed.



Ever come across a font that looked like it would be a great fit, but you just couldn’t quite identify it? Enter WhatTheFont. With this app, you’ll be able to determine what font you’re looking at, simply by taking a photo of it. Genius.




When you’re making the important decision between fonts, Tiff is here to help. This web app allows you to directly compare two fonts from a visual perspective. Rather than flicking between screens or spending hours on trial and error versions of the same logo, you can now instantly visualise the difference in appearance between your shortlisted fonts.


As you can see, when it comes to logo design there are a lot of useful apps. You’ll be covered for everything from idea conceptualisation and sketching, to colour choice and even font comparison.

Never has your phone or tablet been such a useful device for logo design and unexpected sparks of creativity whilst out and about or on the go. We suspect this trend will continue, and the humble pen and paper – or restaurant napkin – will soon be a thing of the past.

With devices being a constant in life, you can be ready to design a logo at any time. To design the best logo possible, you need to be aware of colour psychology. Looking for more specialist advice for your logo design, speak to the team of experts at Dark Horse today.

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