The Marketing Tool No Business Should Be Without: With Compliments Slips

Compliments slips originally derived from the calling cards that were left by visitors during Victorian times. These calling cards were associated with upper class society and were seen as a social courtesy. Calling cards soon became popular with businesses too and this evolved gradually into what we now know today as the compliments slip. A compliments slip is usually 10cm by 21cm in size, and contains information like your company’s logo, contact information and a small line of text that says something like ‘with compliments.’ The rest of the slip is then left blank for a personal, hand-written note. While some may doubt the use or relevance of the compliments slip today, there are many reasons why it still retains its relevance.

A personal touch

shutterstock_174396935 In a world of emails and other e-communications, compliments slips can help you stand out. They allow you to add an important, meaningful and personal touch to business documentation and mail outs of any kind. A compliments slip gives you the opportunity to write a personal note to the receiver, which lets them know that you are real people (not just machines), and that you care about your relationship with them.


Whether you are replying to an invitation or thanking someone for their contribution, a compliments slip with a positive, handwritten note can create a lasting impact that helps build and maintain business relationships.

Variety of uses

Whether you’re sending out documents, invoices, marketing materials or brochures, you don’t just want to put them in the post and send. Compliments slips are great to have on hand in a number of situations where you want to write a quick note, on company branded stationery.


Just like your other business stationery, your compliments slips include all of your important company information including your logo, tagline and contact information. Never underestimate the power of putting your brand front of mind for your customers, potential clients and business associates by using compliments slips when you are sending out packages, documents and other pieces of information.

Designing your compliments slip

Designing your compliments slip is relatively simple. There are a few basic things you want to keep in mind.
  • Your logo – make sure it’s the right size so that it’s clear
  • Your contact details – these should be in an easy to read font
  • A ‘with compliments’ message
  • Ensure that you leave enough white space so that you can fit your message on
Your compliments slips should be printed on high quality paper, so that it stands out, and represents your brand effectively. Like all business stationery items, you want your compliments slips to reflect the professional, approachable nature of your business. Just like letter heads and business cards, compliments slips are still an important, tangible marketing tool that can help you reach out to customers, assist with networking and even help build your brand. And for a fraction of the cost of most other marketing stationery items, they’re well worth the investment. Save

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