14 of the Best Free 2014 Fonts For Your Project

We all love a good new font to play with and 2014 has seen some great ones released. Font (also known as typography) should not be overlooked when designing a logo, identifying a brand, building a website or creating a themed document. Just like fashion or furnishings, staying ahead of the times with font can set you apart from the rest. What’s even better than a new font is a new font that’s free and 2014 is providing a huge selection. Fonts include all kinds of typefaces, which can be integrated into design: Sans Serif, Decorative, Art Deco, Futuristic and more. Most of these typefaces have a web font kit to embed custom fonts in your CSS with the @font-face rule. This rule allows you to use a font on your website easily by telling your browser to use a font stored on the web. To help you choose the best font for your project, here is a guide to finding the right font for your needs:


Legibility refers to the design of the typeface and high legibility means it’s easy to tell one letter from from another. If writing a novel, magazine article, web page or a document that is to be read at length, high legibility is important. The font may not be able to have as much personality, but being easy to read will mean that you can get your point across without deterring people from large yet important chunks of text.

Calendas Plus

Awwwards .com

Calendas Plus is highly legible in its bold, italic and regular forms, making it perfect for longer expanses of texts. It has a classic, traditional style.


Awwwards .com

A slightly condensed sans-serif, Simplifica looks modern, sleek and simple in both headings and paragraphs.

Gafata Std

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Gafata Std is a highly legible sans-serif typeface, with a slim look and sophisticated style. It’s great for providing an upmarket feel to your large blocks of text.


While at first glance it may appear that readability is the same as legibility, readability is the dynamic interaction of the type of style, size, tracking, colour and other such properties that combine to create an overall impression. Each independent factor can make a big difference. When choosing a font for headlines and posters, look for a font designed with that purpose in mind. This will ensure the best readability for your project.

Klinic Slab

Awwwards .com

Klinic Slab’s readability is strong, yet it is still dramatic and elegant, offering a certain charisma. All of its various styles are distinct, providing versatility. Perfect if you’re looking to add some character to your web page.

Bandera Text

Awwwards .com

Ideal for posters, Bandera is an extremely readable Serif typeface in both capitals and lowercase.


Awwwards .com

Inspired by Roman inscriptions, Cinzel managed to look contemporary and stylish while retaining a traditional feel.


Decorative fonts are great for expressing a brand identity or style. A business card for a large corporate bank would require a stately and stable font, whereas a poster for the opening of a new children’s boutique could get away with something a lot more playful. Here are some fonts which express a variety of personalities.


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Rodus is an ultra-modern font best used for display purposes. If a futuristic and slightly geometric style is what you’re after, this could be for you.


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Fairview is a bold, industrial style font. Being all capitals, it is best used for headings and posters rather than longer chunks of texts. It would also look great on invitations.


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Another all caps display typeface, Mohave would make a great font for T-shirt design or anything with a retro feel.


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Vibrant, cheerful and perfectly suited to posters, Margot offers a slightly childlike font option.


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A corporate style font ideal for both headlines and bodies, Aileron’s slight curve and slim look gives it a high-end, polished appearance.

High Tide

Awwwards .com
Awwwards .com

This creative style of this decorative design makes it a great font for generating interest on posters, flyers and banners.


If your design piece is going to include numbers, you must ensure these are equally as fitting as the lettering. Some typefaces use old style, or lowercase numbers, while others use lining, or uppercase numbers. If creating a spreadsheet with a lot of numbers, lining style is generally preferred, as it is more even on the eye. For over-sized and up-close numbers, however, old style numbers can appear softer and more pleasant.


Awwwards .com
Awwwards .com

Created by Fredrik Staurland, Hallo offers fun numbering that is ideal for over-sized, up-close display projects. Still easily read, Hallo lends a playful touch to numbering.


Awwwards .com
Awwwards .com

For a contemporary font that offers simple numbering ideal for reports and projects where lots of numbers are commonplace.

Finding free fonts is just one of the handy ways to get a headstart with your next graphic design project. For more informative tips and helpful advice, contact the team of graphic design experts at Dark Horse today.

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