Popular Calendar Themes for 2014

shutterstock_149506811Whether customised, wire, bound or stapled, calendars make great gifts and promotional tools. The key to any gift or promotional material is to find something that is in high demand and that is practical, while unique. Calendars fit this bill. On top of that, they are affordable, personal and effective. A monthly calendar is one of the best ways to keep track of our busy lives. From birthdays and meetings to an upcoming holiday, a calendar quickly and clearly shows you important dates. Every home or office desk should have one. Calendars need to be visually appealing, so the person receiving one will happily display it. Just as with anything though, calendar trends come and go, so what are the hottest calendar trends right now? Grumpy Animals A hilarious photographic wall calendar, Grumpy Cat 2014 delivers twelve months of frowns and pouts, bad attitude and scathing commentary. Animals always make for great calendar imagery, and this is a fun twist on the traditional cutesy calendar. For more animal fun, ‘unlikely friendships’ is also trending. Movie Posters For film buffs and lovers of cinematic history, a calendar celebrating some of world’s most epic movies is a must. Think Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane, Forrest Gump, Gone With The Wind and Sound of Music. Art Art always makes for classic calendar imagery and can be appreciated by everyone. Thomas Kinkade was a popular American painter who favoured realistic, bucolic and idyllic subjects. Following his death in 2012, his beautiful art is being featured heavily in calendars, including the Thomas Kinkade Painter of Light 2014 calendar. Other art calendars being seen are collections of local art. Gather a collection together from local art schools and galleries and create a beautiful calendar that celebrates your town’s talent. Motivational Positive thinking and motivational messages will always have a place in calendars. When connected with powerful imagery, the results can be amazing. Positive calendars give inspiration every morning and encourage people to fulfill their potential. Demotivational A twist on the popular motivational calendars, the Demotivators Calendar 2014 features image after image that will crush your hopes and dreams and leave you feeling sad and bitter. With a comical twist, a demotivating calendar can be highly amusing. Fantasy With Game of Thrones gripping viewers everywhere, the world’s love of fantasy is in full swing. Try taking a look back over time at some fantasy classics such as Tolkein’s ‘The Hobbit’ or ‘The Labyrinth’. Floral Flower calendars have always proved popular, but 2014 is all about creating your own from the flowers in your garden. Capturing photos of your garden and preserving them in a calendar is a great way to enjoy your flowers all year round. Humour Everyone likes to start their day with something that makes them laugh, and a humorous calendar is a great way to do that. Funny calendar themes include: “Texts From Last Night”, “An Insult a Day”, “Dog Shaming” and “Medical Bloopers”. Food and Drink Good food and cooking will always have a place in calendar design, as most home calendars are kept in the kitchen. Images of good food set the senses alight and can motivate people to be creative with their cooking. Be it healthy eating or a celebration of chocolate, food will always be a winner.

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