How to Design an Eye-Catching Flyer

In order for your company flyers to stand out and look appealing, careful planning is needed when designing. Promotional flyers can work wonders in attracting new business, but if designed badly promotional flyers can be nothing more than a costly mistake.

Promotional flyers can be used by a number of different businesses, from restaurants to retailers and dentists to doctors. They can drive traffic to a website, promote an event, encourage participation in a competition, announce a trade show, promote new products or let customers know about an upcoming sale. For small businesses that don’t have much advertising budget, flyers are a great way to get mass brand awareness at a minimal expense.

To make the most of your flyers:

Keep it brief

The information on your flyer should be to the point and quickly express the message you want your flyer to represent. If people need more information, you can encourage them to get in touch by providing your address, phone number and website. In the case of flyers, less is often more.

Organise the information

Separate the information into readable portions using bullet points, text boxes or infographics.

Use a catchy headline

Your headline is the first thing people will read so make sure it’s interesting and encourages people to read on.

Get others to proofread

Misspelled text can make you look unprofessional, and a missing letter or number can make you unreachable. Proofread your flyer several times yourself and ask others to go over it too.

Include a point of action

Without a point of action, readers tend to be idle and your flyer can be quickly forgotten about. Encourage them to take action by letting them know you want them to make contact. Include wording such as “Call us today” or “Visit our showroom now”.

Know your audience

Understand the demographics of your audience and keep in mind what they want to see. Your message and tone should be in keeping with the customers you are hoping to attract.

Include a testimonial

If space allows, select your best testimonial to help communicate the value of your products.

If space allows, select your best testimonial to help communicate the value of your products.

Finish your flyer with your contact details

As your headline is the most important part, enough room should be allocated for it. Adding contact details near the top clutters your headline and by having your details at the end, they remain fresh in the reader’s mind.

Choose appropriate font and colour

Font should be clear and easily read and reflect your message. If your business is a children’s toy shop, the font should be playful and the colours bright. But if you are selling high end, luxurious products, your font and colour should be elegant and sophisticated.

Find good imagery

Clip Art can be a bit cheesy and with the number of free stock photography sites now available, there is no reason why you can’t have a great image on your flyer. Just don’t let your image get in the way of your message.

Account for ink bleed

When designing your layout, account for ink bleed and trim if you’re working with a commercial printing service.

Run a test print

On your office or home printer, run a test print to ensure everything is in order before sending to the printers. While home printers can’t offer the same quality, printing a test run will give you a good idea of any changes that need to be made.

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