New Print Trend – Rack Cards


They’re somewhere between a business card and a brochure and they’re becoming an essential marketing tool for small to medium businesses. Here’s a look into the growing trend of rack cards and how to use them to successfully promote your business.

What is a rack card?

A rack card is so named because it sits in a rack of identical cards. Made from postcard quality card stock, rack cards are displayed in places like hotel foyer reception desks and racks at airports and tourist information centres.

They are usually rectangular and measure around 9 inches high by 4 inches wide. They have information on both sides and are like an abbreviated version of a brochure, where someone can obtain essential information about a business with just a quick scan.

Who should use a rack card?

Rack cards are the lifeblood of the travel and accommodation industries, but they can be useful for any business wanting to provide information in a handy portable format.

Retail businesses can place them on their shop counters and refer customers with queries to them and they can also be displayed in other retail stores with the same target market (i.e. a fishing holiday tour guide, whose rack card is displayed in a camping supplies store).

Design features of a rack card

The most important feature of rack card design is the imagery. The front of your rack card should feature an inviting picture related to your business, such as the luxurious spa or swimming pool of a hotel or the signature dish of a restaurant. Photographs need to be high quality, so if your budget doesn’t stretch to a professional photography shoot, find a relevant stock image instead.

The colours of your rack card are also very important. If it is to be displayed among dozens of others, all competing for the consumer’s attention, then it needs to stand out. Use a bold headline with a supporting tagline that can be easily seen and use colours that grab attention, but are still in keeping with the nature of your business.

Because rack cards are for scanning rather than reading, you should display the points of interest about your business in bullet point form and stick to around six or eight of the most important points. Use the front of your rack card to attract interest and the back to provide points of information and your contact details.

Rack cards are an affordable and versatile marketing tool and their popularity is growing in a world where no one has the time or the inclination to read long copy any more. They can be a great ambassador for your business, but as with any printed material that represents your business, make sure they are high quality and produced by a professional printer.

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