6 Tips for Creating High Impact Business Holiday Cards

The holidays can be one of the busiest times of the year for many businesses, so it’s an opportunity for businesses to connect with customers, vendors and other business-related parties in order to strengthen their professional relationships.

Using custom-designed business holiday cards can add a degree of professionalism and personality to your holiday message.

1. Use simple but unique designs

Simple yet unique designs have broad appeal, and there are different ways to generate unique designs. For example, one can use a special font, apply unique and contrasting colour combinations, use unique folds or choose a different size than traditional for the cards.

2. Use photos

Custom photos add a personal touch to your business Christmas card. One idea is to have a professional photographer take a photo of the entire team, or take other relevant photos for a professional impression. Encourage staff members to wear holiday accessories if appropriate.

3. Focus on the message

Keep the focus on the holiday message rather than sales. Use the holiday card to offer season’s greetings rather than as a marketing tool, and add personalisation by signing the card personally.

4. Time your distribution

Order the print run early and ensure there is sufficient time to distribute the card. Have the cards arrive just a few days before Christmas, or send them out earlier to make sure the card stands out from the other business holiday cards.

5. Choose quality paper for your card

While the message and content of the card might be perfect, what can quickly undo all your hard work is the quality of your paper. This is one situation where quality matters and you will need to ensure that your card does not feel ‘cheap’. What can really hurt a customers opinion of your brand and products is the feeling that they don’t care about you, and cheap quality paper can scream that.

6. Ensure your mailing list is correct

If only a fraction of your customers receive the holiday card you send out, the overall benefit decreases drastically. Be sure to check your mailing list and ensure all your clients or customers that need the card can receive them. Moreover, ensure that there are no duplicate customers in the system to avoid the same person receiving the card multiple times.

Where do I print my cards?

To ensure that your seasonal and holiday cards are not only printed out with the highest quality possible but also on time as desired, contact us at Dark Horse Print & Design. We are a proudly Australian owned and operated printing company that will swiftly print your order. Get started today!