With Compliments Slips

shutterstock_93972661As recently as five years ago, it used to be common practice for businesses to provide their customers, suppliers and business partners with ‘With Compliments’ slips to signal their appreciation for the contribution they had made to their business. For example, the ‘With Compliments’ slip would usually include a message that would thank the customer for their business and encourage them to return. However, with new businesses  emerging daily and most operations being moved primarily online, this inexpensive yet effective practice has begun to be forgotten, and is now used by very few businesses. If you’re thinking that these would be a great initiative to add to your marketing campaign, we have these tips:
  • Paper – When choosing the paper that your message will be printed on, you should always opt for quality. If someone receives the message on cheap, flimsy paper they are left with the impression that the message is mass-produced and so isn’t special to them. But if you use thick, textured paper that is obviously of a higher quality, the receiver will feel that they are held in higher esteem by your business and so will give more credence to the message that you are conveying.
  • Size – ‘With Compliments’ slips shouldn’t be too large, as people will not bother to read the whole thing. They are meant to be just a small note given to the receiver as a token of thanks and appreciation, so we recommend that they should not be larger than A5 size.
  • Branding – These slips are a great way to promote your brand’s business logo and name, so it is important that a good quality representation of your business logo is present on the ‘With Compliments’ slip.
  • The message – What you decide on for the message of your ‘With Compliments’ slips will depend on who the receiver is, but as a general rule you should always make mention of the service/product you have interacted with them on (whether that be a supplier sending you a product or you providing a service for a customer). Also, include an encouragement for them to return to your business soon. This will end all transactions on a positive and friendly note.
‘With Compliments’ slips are a great marketing tool when done correctly. Why not look into having some professionally printed for your business today and enjoy the positive feedback in the future.

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