Flyers vs. Brochures as Marketing Materials

Brochures and flyers are two of the most widely used forms of offline marketing today. As they are highly visual forms of communication, they should be designed to capture attention quickly.

However, it is important to know the exact difference between a flyer and a brochure in order to create a marketing strategy that can be better suited to your goals and objectives.

The lead response

Potential leads will review a brochure or poster and read the content. At the subconscious level their perception will also be impacted by other factors such as design, colour, layout and phrasing. As the review time is usually a matter of seconds, the item should establish trust, authority and competence from the start.

What are Flyers?

Flyers are single, unfolded sheets of printed materials that are often handed out at gatherings or other busy public spaces. These are often used to quickly push out a relatively easy to understand and simple message. Printing is generally only done on one side of the paper but can occasionally double-sided if it makes strategic marketing sense.

The main draw for flyers are that they can relay a message to the reader at a relatively fast pace at an affordable cost. Flyers also have the benefit of being flexible in their usage, as they can be handed out in a busy pathway or in the halls of a conference or convention.

It is also important to note that due to its simplicity, these tend to have a much shorter life-span. Readers tend to take in the information within the first couple of seconds, then throw it away. So be sure to not overload the flyer with information as people tend to neglect it.

What are Brochures?

Brochures are usually single sheets of paper folded into two or three sections. There is usually more text on a brochure than on a flyer, and brochures are usually designed to be retained for a longer period than flyers. Unlike flyers, brochures are designed to be almost always printed on both sides, allowing for potential real estate for information.

The biggest advantage brochures tend to have over flyers is the fact that more information can be placed onto the paper. Due to the multiple folds, messages can be organised and sectioned off to directly answer questions the reader may ask while they digest the brochure. While flyers can assist greatly in gaining awareness for the business, brochures can be the key resource for solving any points of friction and push people to buy their products.


Flyers are designed for immediate impact, while brochures contain more text and are designed to be read at a leisurely pace. Flyers are thus best suited when there is a succinct message with little extra information to be communicated. Brochures, on the other hand, can be used to communicate more content.

Because of this, flyers work best when they incorporate design elements (such as colour and graphics) for visual impact. Brochures should be visually appealing, but the focus should also be on the content or text.

Get to printing!

Once you’ve made your choice on whether to print flyers or brochures (or both!), be sure to contact Dark Horse Print & Design for your all your printing. We can provide you some further information on what quality level your paper should be and what types of colour to use!