How to Achieve Perfect Poster Printing

The availability of personal computers and graphic design software means it is possible to design and create your own posters from scratch. However, quality posters that make the right impression require more than just home office equipment.

These are the key factors for perfect poster printing.


The two key options in paper are gloss and matte finish. Matte finishes can help reduce glare and enhance readability, so they are suitable if the posters will be exposed to natural light. If the poster is to be placed in a place with dull lighting, a glossy finish could be the right option.


Paper density is another important factor in the printing stage. While office paper is usually around 80 GSM, high-quality posters may need density that is three times that of office paper.


While A4 sized paper might be appropriate for smaller posters to be handed out, posters that need to be noticed should be much bigger. The business should find the right balance between location, fit and impact. If the poster is to be the centerpiece on a large wall, it would be advisable to have a bigger size of paper to print on.

Also keep in mind the readability of the content once placed on the wall. If there is text, make sure the key message can be read from far away. Paper size can help greatly here to help improve readability.

Image Resolution

One key factor people may disregard is the resolution of the image that is to be printed. While it may look completely fine on the smaller desktop screen, once printed the poster may start to look much more pixelated than expected. Ensure that any images you use are high resolution and if possible can be in a vector format. Vector images can be scaled to whatever size but will not become pixelated.


The finish will largely depend on the business’s printing budget. Those with large budgets could consider an ink-jet finish for a professional, premium appearance. Those looking for cost-effective volume printing could opt for toner printing instead. Ensure you choose the type of finish which suits the audience the poster will be printed for. Posters that will be seen by a large audience need to be printed with a premium finish.

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