4 Vital Elements of Brochure Designing

Brochures provide a personal communication for interested customers and are a great tool for companies. As a marketing tool, brochures are very versatile because they have plenty of space to advertise numerous products and explain services in detail. To make a brochure effective you will need to get the design right and follow these simple rules: Be clear in design You should plan the overall look of the brochure before you begin so that you can create a clear message throughout. Having all of the content ready before you begin will help you to achieve this. Make it unique Your brochure needs to stand out and be memorable, so it is good to make it unique. Using bold colours and exciting design will make your company memorable. Vary font sizes Font sizes enable you to highlight important messages and make the text visible from a distance. Using a range of font sizes can also enable you to control the content so that the most important elements are seen first. Make the text exciting The text should not be a plain list, it should be exciting. Using graphs, bullet points and tables can make the brochure much more interesting for the reader. http://customstickersprintings.blogspot.com.au/2013/07/4-vital-elements-of-brochure-designing.html

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