5 Essential Tips in Designing Brochures

Brochures remain one of the best tools with which to promote a business. This marketing tool offers a wonderful opportunity to expose your business to both existing and potential clients by showing off all of the best attributes in a medium that is easy to view at your customers’ leisure. To create a successful brochure you will need to follow some golden rules so that you can successfully target your customers.
  • Create a theme for your brochure so that you can design it around a consistent template. With a theme to follow you will find it easier to trim your publication down to show the best without providing too much information.
  • Develop a structure that you can then add your promotion into. This will help you to prioritise information so that it is clear to the customers.
  • Get second opinions from colleagues, friends and family so that you can be sure the brochure is attractive to everyone.
  • Use images to draw attention. You will need text to explain the services, but most interest will be generated by catchy titles and impressive images.
  • Use the right paper to ensure that you are presenting a professional and appealing service.

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