Creating Brochures that Sell

Brochures can be highly effective marketing tools, but they need to be well designed to be effective. Using quality printing and paper for the job helps businesses present a professional brand image, but other elements such as copy and visual appeal are also important. Offer and benefit You should encourage customers to act quickly by adding a clearly defined offer or call to action with a deadline. A clearly stated benefit in the heading and body of the text can also make it easier for customers to understand the product or service. Copy Copy should be readable and broken up into manageable paragraphs. Bullet points and boxes can be used to make copy easier to digest. Visual elements Having a great design commands attention and is aesthetically pleasing, while the use of images can also boost visual appeal to engage customers. Visual elements such as graphs and charts can also ensure that technical information is easier to understand. Interactivity and visual flow The brochure should have a good design flow to guide the reader to different sections in the brochure. Encourage interactivity by using QR codes and linking to social media accounts. Source:

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