Unique Additions for your Business Card

In the past, a business card was merely a device for passing on your contact details so that a customer could get in touch with you. These days, clever marketing comes in all forms – including business cards and designers and promotion companies now compete with one another to produce the most striking and unusual business cards. While this can be good for business, it is important to remember that your business card is still a vehicle for exchanging contact details, so however creative you make your cards, make sure this information is still clearly displayed.

That being said however, here are some great ways to add creativity and flair to your business cards to make them stand out from the rest. Add colour White is boring and is used on the majority of business cards. Adding some colour can make your card stand out in someone’s wallet and provide an instant visual reminder of your business. Add texture As well as seeing that your business card is different, customers can also be made to feel the difference. A good business card printing service can ‘texturise’ a business card by making it out of wood, fabric and even steel. Ideally the texture would be appropriate to your business (i.e. a wood, textile or steel related business). Add smell Our sense of smell is the strongest of our five senses in terms of memory, so adding a scent to your cards can keep your business top of mind with your customers. If you’re in the food, flowers or fragrance industry, storing your business cards in an airtight container with the appropriate scented item can infuse them with a lingering suggestion of your wares. Add movement Going 3D will allow you to add movement to your business card. By adding layers of depth, some business card printing services can create the illusion of movement, much like those early novelty 3D pictures. Add a photograph Facial recognition is a strong memory stimulant, so consider adding your photograph to your business card. Make sure it’s a good one though, or it could work against you. Add humour Give your customer a reason to smile when they look at your card. Put some jokes on there that they can use on their friends, or have a caricature of yourself created. Make sure that is how you want to be remembered however, as it would probably not be appropriate for a funeral director or company CEO. Add usefulness A business card doesn’t have to be rectangular. Business cards can be made for use as drink coasters, notepads, bottle openers and fridge magnets. If it is a useful item or conversation piece, your customer will be more likely to keep it on their desk, rather than buried in their wallet with all their other business cards. Obviously, some of the more left-field of these business card ideas are likely to be more expensive than having traditional cards printed. But if you consider that your customer will be carrying your card around with them 24/7 and will be reminded of your business every time they open their wallet, it’s a form of advertising that’s worth the extra investment.

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