Creating Better Brand Recognition

Improving brand recognition is about creating a great logo and then getting it out there into the marketplace for everyone to see.

Creating a memorable logo

Your logo is a visual representation of your business and it should personify what you do and what you stand for. If it doesn’t, then you should consider rebranding, because having the right logo is crucial for the successful marketing of your business. You should consider hiring a graphic designer to create your new logo. A good one will be able to translate your thoughts into an image that is appropriate, compelling and memorable.

Some elements of logo design to keep in mind include:

  • Uniqueness – your logo must be different from all others in your industry. Brand recognition is about being able to recall a company’s name from their logo and having a logo that is similar to a competitor’s will only improve their brand recognition instead of yours. Copying someone else’s logo is also an infringement of intellectual property rights and could land you in court.
  • Simplicity – a logo must be able to be absorbed and understood immediately, so it needs to be simple in its design. Choose a symbol or element that says what you do and best portrays how you would like your company to be perceived. Avoid trying to express more than one or two simple ideas in your logo.
  • Noticeability – your logo needs to stand out. That means choosing colours that get noticed, not necessarily bright or gaudy colours, but colours that draw your eye and look good in any context, be it on paper, signage or on your web page.

Getting it out there

Once you have created a great logo, you need to put it on anything and everything, including:

  • Your stationery – this includes business cards, letterheads, press releases, faxes and emails
  • Your uniforms – if your staff wear company uniforms (and they should) have the logo embroidered on them. Your uniforms can also reflect the logo through their colours, further enhancing brand awareness.
  • Your signage – this includes your shop front and especially your business vehicles, which provide free mobile advertising for your business wherever your employees travel in the course of their day.
  • Your website – your logo should be on every page of your website and, just like your uniforms, the colour scheme of your website can reflect the colours of your logo.
  • Your advertising – whether you advertise in the press, on radio or television, or simply hand out brochures and flyers, your logo should feature prominently in all forms of advertising.
  • Your promotional items – from key rings and drink holders to uniforms for the local football team, your promotional items are a means of getting your logo out there into the community.

Brand recognition is the key to long-term profitability, as any large corporation such as Coca Cola or Virgin Australia will tell you. And the best way to achieve better brand recall is to create a great logo and then make it part of everything you do as a business.

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