Creating a Dazzling Business Card

Among the most important tools any business has are its business cards, so if you are looking to make a good impression it is vital you have a card that stands out for all the right reasons. If you are creating your first business card, it is crucial that it makes an impact, as the right card can get you some immediate positive attention; or, if you have a card already but it is uninspiring at best, update it, because it may be doing more to hurt rather than help your business. The following is a brief look at how to create a dazzling business card. Try a different-shaped business card For your business card to dazzle you may need to be prepared to try something new, and if your card is something other than the standard rectangular shape you are sure to catch a little extra attention. Odd shaped cards may be a little more difficult to print and therefore cost a little more money, but these days professional business card printing services can take care of this tricky job for you, and the impact of your card will make your investment well worthwhile.

Get bright Using colours that are bright and bold is a fantastic way to dazzle, and with neon colours making a big comeback in fashion circles of late, bright business cards are sure to hit the right note if you use those colours well. Whether you use a splash of neon on your card or cover it with glitter, using bright colours on your business cards will help them stand out among the sea of black and white others. Use the texture While the look of a business card can get you some attention, the feel can really drive home the impact, so rather than choose plain paper for your business card, invest in quality business card paper that has at least a slightly different texture. It may cost a little more for the paper as well as for your business card printing, but the impact your textured cards will have will make your investment well worth it. Go high-tech A great way to get more dazzle out of your business cards is to have a Quick Response (QR) code added to them, as this way anyone with an iPhone or Android phone can simply scan your card to be directed to your website. This handy high-tech feature is sure to have far more people checking you out online, and if your site looks good and is user friendly, the higher traffic will likely mean an increase in online sales as well. Change your card seasonally A marvellous way to use your business cards to dazzle is to create seasonal versions of them, as this can be a great way to get creative and have fun with your promotional materials while also showing everyone how on the ball you are. Getting into the spirit of the season always makes a business look good, and while it will cost you a little more money to make multiple versions of your card, once you have a card for each season you can likely get a few years’ use out of them.

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