Effective Ways to Distribute Flyers

Promotional flyers can play an extremely effective role in helping to get word out about your business, but only if you go about it the right way — otherwise, you may well just be wasting large amounts of time, energy and resources. The following is a brief look at some of the most effective ways to distribute promotional flyers.

In store

If you have a physical location, it is a smart move to have some of your promotional flyers available in there, as anyone in your store is obviously at least somewhat interested already and may appreciate having a bit more information to take home with them.

Strategic mailouts

Whenever your customers buy from you, ask if they would like to have a copy of your latest flyer delivered when it comes out, as this can be a great way for your customers to keep up to date with everything that is going on with your business. If you include some sort of discount voucher with your mailout, you will be even further increasing the chances of your flyer bringing in a few sales.

At events

If there is an event coming up that you think will attract people who may also be interested in your business, handing out your flyers at or near the event is a smart way to distribute your promotional material — but be careful that you aren’t breaking any laws to do it. There will likely be a lot of other material being handed out at the event as well, so it is well worth investing in colour flyer printing to have your flyers standing out a little more.


An easy and effective way to distribute your promotional material is to email it, as this way you can save on paper, time and postage while still keeping everyone up to date on the latest with your business. A lot of people resent the waste of paper involved in flyer distribution and will appreciate your clever and environmentally friendly gesture.

Door to door

There is much debate as to whether or not door-to-door flyer distribution is effective, but it seems that if your flyer is directly related to the local population, and perhaps even includes a ‘locals only’ discount, door-to-door flyer distribution can be a very effective way to promote your business. You should avoid overdoing it, though, and keep your door-to-door distributions for rare and special occasions, such as Halloween, Christmas or your business’s anniversary. This will help you avoid annoying people while also getting the best value out of your flyer printing expenditure.

Personal connections

If you are trying to promote your own small business, one effective way to distribute your flyers is through your connections and circle of friends, as this is an easy way that everyone can help support your business and get the word out. Having a flyer will also make life a lot easier on your friends, because they won’t have to explain what your business is about — especially if your flyer has all the important information on it.

To make the most of your promotional flyers, ensure they are being distributed in the most efficient and effective ways possible, as even the best-designed promotional flyer on the fanciest paper needs to be put in the right hands to be any chance of leading to success.

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