Why Simple Logos Work

If you look at the logos of some of the world’s largest and most successful companies, almost all of them are very simple, and this is because simple logos work. That doesn’t mean complicated logos are always a bad idea, but if you are looking to expand and grow your business, you and your business will get far more out of a simple logo. The following looks briefly at some of the reasons why simple logos work.

They are memorable

While some people may be impressed by intricate and complicated logos, simple logos are far easier to recognise and remember. People these days don’t have the time to spend memorising a complicated logo, so by having it be a simple shape or design, you will make it easy for your logo to be remembered and for your brand to slowly gain a foothold in your customers’ minds.

They don’t go out of style

Fancy logos that attempt to tap into trends and fads are a poor choice in the long run, because even though they may look cool or hip for a short while, trends change fast, and coming out with a new logo every few years just isn’t practical. Your logo should be something that is simple and represents your business and your style, and importantly, try to make sure it is something that will still look good generations from now. Fantastic examples of simple, enduring logos are those of Ford, Mercedes Benz and McDonalds, so follow the lead of those with a record of proven success and create a simple logo that won’t ever go out of style.

Easy to reproduce through printing

An important logo consideration for any business is ensuring it will reproduce well across a whole manner of mediums, such as online, or printed on flyers, business cards and product packaging. For reproduction purposes, a simple logo is always far easier to deal with, whether you are getting business card printing or flyer printing done — something that certainly can’t be said for those more complicated company logos.

Greater appeal

The more complicated your logo design, the more it will start to target a particular group of people, so keep it simple if you want your appeal to be broad. Complicated figures or artistic touches in your logo won’t appeal to everyone, so going with something less fancy and far simpler will mean more people relate to it. If your business is going to survive, you will need to bring in every extra sale you can, so make sure your logo is simple and appealing to a wide audience, rather than turning away more people than it brings in.

While having a simple logo is a great idea, it still needs to look good and represent your company, so unless you have some artistic skill yourself, you should get a professional designer to work on it for you. Your business logo is one of the most important assets your business has, so make sure it is simple, looks great and, most importantly, is effective.

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