How to Increase Conversions from Promotional Materials

Promotional materials can play a vital role in the overall marketing of a business, though only if you go about it the right way. People are so overstimulated these days that to be able to get through to them with your promotional materials, you are going to need to have something special. Then it will just come down to what you can do once you have their attention, and this will determine the success or failure of your business. The following takes a brief look at getting the best possible conversion rate out of your promotional materials.

Distribute them strategically

One of the single biggest factors determining how much of a conversion rate you will get from your promotional materials is being able to tell who might be interested in your business and where you can find them. Handing out flyers for your all-ages punk show down at the seniors’ centre may make you some friends, but you aren’t much chance of getting a good turnout at the event. Regardless of what you are promoting, you are better off having fewer, nicer materials and getting them to the right people, than to just blanket the city with a million low-quality black-and-white posters.

Make sure they stand out

It is one thing to get a promotional flyer into someone’s hands, but it is something else entirely have it look interesting enough to make them want to read it. Make sure your promotional materials look amazing and that you are proud to be associated with them. The use of colour or thicker paper are just some of the effective ways you can stand out. Your promotional materials have to be good enough to make an impact straight away; and rather creating something people will be quick to toss away, you should aim to design a flyer that will compel people to cross the street just to get a copy.

Contact information

Make it clear on your promotional materials who you are and how people can contact you. Whether you want to list your email, your home phone number or just your website details, make sure it’s easy to find and easy to read on any and all of your promotional materials.

Special offers

Offering something special is a sure way to get a large response from your promotional materials, even if it is just a “buy one, get one free” voucher. People love free stuff, so including any special deal will provide an extra incentive for new customers to try out your business. Having the offer be time limited will also give you a better chance of getting a result sooner rather than later.

Diversify your marketing

You should have a diverse range of promotional materials so that you can appeal to all sorts of different people — don’t just make up a heap of posters and expect them to work by magic. Posters, leaflets and flyers are all good forms of promotion, but backing them up with a newspaper advertisement, radio commercial or by sponsoring the local footy team can combine to create a bit of hype. When you are at the print shop getting your posters and booklet printing done, check out the photo poster printing or consider getting a few stickers done, because the more diverse your marketing, the better.

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