How To Condense Your Services for a Flyer

The right flyer distributed the right way can bring in a tremendous amount of business, but it is always hard to decide what to include and what to omit. The only cost effective way to go about it is to keep your flyers relatively small, which means having to condense your services as much as possible. The following takes a brief look at consolidating your services for a promotional flyer.

Stick to the main services

Even if you have dozens of services to offer, you simply won’t have enough space on your flyer to list them all, so pick out a few of your more impressive services and highlight them. You can even highlight different services on flyers to be handed out in different areas, or put out more than one version of the flyer — just make sure that the services you list are ones people are after. If you have one main service you provide, simply list this one with a few details and the price, and suggest customers check out your website to see your other services.

Point form

Using point form is a good move when it comes to trying to condense your services for a flyer, because even though you may think you are being eloquent with your description, you are most likely just wasting space with too many words. The simpler your description, the easier it will be for people to understand what it is you do, so don’t try and be too fancy — just tell people what it is you are offering.

Small print

If you are targeting an audience that has really good vision, such as young people, using small print can work quite well, because it will catch some attention by being a little different. However, this approach will only work on those who are able to easily read what it is that you’ve written, because otherwise most people will probably just toss your flyer away rather than hunt for a magnifying glass.

Use photos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, just think how many extra words you’ll be able to fit on your flyer if you include a heap of photos. You will need to make sure the image quality is decent enough that it is easy to see some of the main features, but even a good black-and-white photo can show more about a service than you could describe in the same amount of space. Colour photos will obviously increase your flyer printing expenses, but depending on the quality of image you need, it can prove to be well worth it. Photo poster printing will produce a fantastic product too.

Hype up your website

You should have a website that has information about absolutely everything to do with the various services you offer and the prices related to each, so make sure you use your flyer to increase traffic to your website. Even if you can fit nothing else, make sure your flyer clearly states the address of your website.

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