5 Great Ideas For Starting Your Own Zine

Have you always wanted to be a writer? Do you think that you know a lot about a topic that you can’t ever seem to find any information on? If so, maybe it’s time you started producing a publication of your own and made your own zine. It’s easy to do and if you follow these great ideas, you’ll be distributing your own publication in no time.

Approach Others For Help

Depending on how large you want to make your zine, it can be pretty intimidating to come up with enough articles on your own. There are probably lots of other people out there who also know about your chosen topic and who would love to get involved. Use every way you can to entice others to join you. Make posters and advertisements calling for submissions, tell everyone you know, and get some business cards made up with your zine name and your contact details on them. Business card printing is cheap and you never know where or when you might meet someone who’s interested. Having the zine name already in print on your card will help give the impression that there is something solid for people to join, not just an idea.

Start Small

Getting hyped to begin is the biggest hurdle, so once you’ve cleared that, make it easy to get the first edition done and distributed. Having one small edition out there will be a huge success and you can always make the zine longer as you get more settled into how to get it done. It is also worthwhile to produce the zine professionally, with booklet printing services at your local print shop a great way to make sure it’s done properly and looks great.

Hold A Launch Party

Zines operate in a large way through creating a buzz around them, and what better way to get the word out and distribute issue number one than at a party. You are going to want to tell all your friends about the zine anyhow, so why not do it over a few beers. You never know, you might find 2 or 3 more people at the party who want to get involved.

Distribute It Wisely and Regularly

It is important to not waste copies, as they aren’t free to make, though it’s also crucial that your zine is available in all the places your target audience hang out. Decide where the best places are and make sure you have copies in all these places, and that they are there when you say they will be. Anyone who comes looking for your publication may not come back a second time if it’s not available when it’s meant to be.

Putting out your own publication can be one of the most gratifying experiences for a writer and while there isn’t any real money to be made, it’s great practice and an awesome way to hone your skills. Make sure that your contact information is listed on each issue as feedback from your readers will be the best way to decide how to move forward. Have fun, keep it manageable and spread the word!

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