9 Design Tips for Printing Business Brochures

Marketing is the key to your company’s success. Whether you’re running a small business or a large company, you need to invest in promotional material. In addition to business card printing, you will also need brochures. And in order to get the highest quality brochures, you need to have a unique design. To help you get started, here are nine design ideas for business brochures. 1. Message What is it that you want to convey? You need to use your words sparingly. Nobody is going to read a bunch of small print paragraphs. A huge part of the message should include images and graphics. This is where your designer will help you. As for the words, you must figure out what you want to say and how to say it concisely.

2. Decide On A Marketing Strategy Define your target audience. If you’re running a travel business, then you need to add photos of exotic beaches, city skyscrapers and amusement parks. Your target audience will be people who are interested in going to such places. 3. Choose The Right Words First of all, avoid clichés. Clichés are unnecessary and cheesy. Use positive words, as they are more powerful than negative ones. It’s okay to include a brief overview of your company, which includes contact information and a few testimonials. Just don’t list any product prices unless the whole purpose of the brochure is to promote sales packages. 4. Choose The Right Graphics Once again, this is something that a professional designer can help you with. Use something original. Some graphics choices include cartoons, graphs, or a simple logo. The idea is to create a brochure that catches the eye of your targeted demographic. 5. Decide On The Colour Do you want black and white brochures or colour brochures? If you want colour, which tones would be appropriate for your line of business? Colour printing costs more than black, but bright, colourful brochures will stand out. 6. Choose A Size There are many brochure types and sizes to choose from. If you choose something standard, you should be able to save some money. Some standard brochure types include Z-fold, Tri-fold, Half-fold, and Right Angle-fold. 7. Have A Professional Designer Help You Don’t try to do everything on your own, especially if you’re new to brochure printing. Hiring an expert designer is the most important investment you will make. This individual will help to ensure that your message gets out the way you want it to. 8. Use The Right Type Of Paper It doesn’t matter how beautiful your design is; if it’s printed on low quality paper, the brochure will look and feel cheap. Be sure to work with a quality printing company so that your brochures will be produced on the right type of paper. 9. Make Sure Everything Lines Up The logo, design, headlines and text should all be in perfect alignment. Keep the alignment simple. If some things are centred and some are flushed left, the information will be difficult to follow. The message should be conveyed in an orderly fashion, not a haphazard one. These nine tips will help you create the perfect business brochures! Good luck!

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