9 Tips for Self-Publishing Success

Since traditional publishing businesses are struggling in today’s economy, self-publishing is becoming very popular. The self-publishing market is less competitive and gives opportunities to those who wouldn’t ordinarily have a chance. Whether you’re interested in book or brochure printing, you need to learn how self-publishing works. To ensure that your self-publishing endeavour is successful, here are nine tips to help you get started:

1. Do Your Research

Find out what books they have printed and published in the past. How well did those books sell? Do they offer traditional publishing, ebook publishing, or both? If you need brochures, do they offer a brochure publishing service?

2. Hire An Editor

An unedited book, brochure, or magazine is not going to be successful. The editor that you hire should be a professional with a lot of relevant experience. A friend who’s good at English isn’t necessarily a good choice, unless he or she really is a professional editor.

3. Hire A Good Designer

Whether you want to publish a book or a brochure, you’ll need a designer. Books need covers. Brochures need layouts and graphics. Magazines need layouts and images. The spines are just as important as well, since your book will probably be sold with hundreds of other books on shelves.

4. Get A Barcode

Make sure that you get barcodes. Your book or magazine will need a barcode if it’s going to be mass marketed and sold in department stores and book stores.

5. Obtain an ISBN

The International Standard Book Number is required for every book. If your book is going to be published in different formats, such as hardcover, eBook, and paperback, you will need a separate ISBN for each one. You can fill out an application online through the ISBN website. Don’t go through a third party.

6. Don’t Forget About Copyrighting

Don’t bother with the creative commons copyright. Actually take the time to register your work so that your ownership is on public record. It really doesn’t cost all that much.

7. Printing Company

Select a printing company that has the relevant experience for whatever it is that you’re trying to publish. If you want to publish a book, then you obviously wouldn’t work with a business card printing company. If you want to publish a brochure on the other hand, then a card printing service is ideal.

8. Your Project Should Have A Clear Focus

Are you writing a novel just for fun? You’ll have more choices available since you won’t have to invest a lot of time or money. If you seriously want to publish a non-fiction book, magazine or brochure, and have big aspirations for your commercial venture, things might get a bit complicated. Define your goals and prepare accordingly.

9. Find The Right Distribution Company

Distribution companies will keep all of the copies of your book or magazine in their storage facilities. They will send out orders whenever they’re made. You’ll be able to concentrate on promoting your book since the distribution and shipping will be taken care of. Whatever it is that you want to publish, you now have some idea of what to expect with the self-publishing industry. Good luck!

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