7 Great Websites for Finding Networking Events

Whether you’re just starting out in business or an experienced entrepreneur, it’s important that you attend networking events. Thanks to these events, you can build relationships with entrepreneurs, start-up companies, business card printing companies, marketing experts, and so forth. Ideally, you should attend at least one networking event per week. One thing that the internet is really good for is finding networking events. Here is a list of eight websites for locating networking events in your area: 1. LinkedIn

The great thing about LinkedIn is that it’s all about networking between professionals and businesses. You can quickly browse through events and workshops in your area, connect with others who are relevant to your interests and arrange to meet them at these events. 2. MeetUp MeetUp’s mission is to help local communities self-organize. More than 2,000 groups meet up in their local areas every single day thanks to this site. A lot of the scheduled events are intended to bring awareness to specific issues. You can view other people’s profiles to learn about their interests and the events they plan on attending. 3. Craigslist It seems as if everybody uses Craigslist for everything these days. It’s not just about selling and buying things. You can find information about a variety of events in your area. If you don’t mind driving or flying to outside your area, you can search for events in other cities as well. 4. Facebook Facebook is one of the most popular websites in the world, second only to Google. Everybody from booklet printing companies to internet stores has a Facebook page. Through Facebook, you can keep yourself up-to-date with all of the events your associates and friends are attending. 5. Eventbrite You can easily search for events at Eventbrite thanks to the user-friendly search function. It also has maps showing all of the upcoming events. There is an “Attend” button next to every listing, so all you have to do is click on the buttons of the events you want to attend. If there is a registration fee involved, you can pay it in advance through the site. 6. NetParty You can probably tell from the site’s title that NetParty is a place to find out about upcoming parties and networking events. It’s aimed at bringing together young and ambitious professionals at stylish events. Events are hosted all around the world at upscale clubs.  You can view photos of past events to get an idea of what to expect. 7. TwTvite Ever wanted to meet your Twitter followers? Or perhaps you’d like to attend a Tweet-up of somebody that you follow? Well with TwTvite, you can do both! You can search for the most trending events in your area, many of which will be business networking events. Try these sites out to see which ones you like best. Keep all of them bookmarked so that you will always be up to date with upcoming networking opportunities!

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