Nine Small Business Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

A good marketing campaign can mean the difference between success and failure for a small business. This applies to all business types – from booklet printing companies to IT services firms. There is so much competition out there that one wrong move can be disastrous. Fortunately, those who arm themselves with the right knowledge and information have a better chance of coming out on top.

So what are the nine biggest small business marketing mistakes that you should avoid at all costs?

1. Failure to Identify Your Target Market

The most common marketing mistake that small businesses make is failing to identify their target market. Without a clear idea of who your primary customers are, you will be effectively pouring money down the drain with your misguided marketing efforts. So make sure you do your market research before even thinking about marketing campaigns.

2. Not Enough Research

It is one thing to know who your target market is, but knowing if your target market will purchase your product or service is quite a different issue. In order to make your marketing efforts effective, you must carry out detailed research into their behaviour and buying patterns.

3. Poor Marketing Strategies

There is no product on the market that will sell itself. There is always a competitor who will steal the limelight if you launch a poorly executed marketing campaign.

4. Copying Another Company’s Marketing Campaign

Unique ideas always have more drawing power than imitations, so resist the temptation to copy a successful marketing campaign. Be creative and original with your marketing and it will be a runaway success.

5. Poor Coordination

Make sure your marketing campaign is organized and coordinated. It would be very embarrassing if you spent all that time printing flyers and handing out promotional giveaways only to find out that your website is not updated and your staff have not been informed of the new discounts campaign.

6. Forgetting Loyal Customers

When you get a surge of new customers, it is tempting to focus all of your attention on them. But don’t forget your loyal customers. They account for a huge percentage of your overall revenue.

7. Relying Solely on Your Growth

Many small businesses make the mistake of resting on their laurels after a successful marketing campaign. Instead, you should create a new set of goals and begin the next campaign.

8. Not Taking Customer Comments Seriously

The customer can be your business’ best teacher if you listen to them; they are the ones who will give honest feedback on your products and let you know if any area of the business is not up to scratch. This is why so many successful businessmen repeat over and over again “the customer is always right”.

9. Consistency

No matter how successful your last product launch was, never market untested products. Go through the same thorough research process with every product.

A great marketing campaign can really take a small business to the next level, with this article you will avoid any costly marketing mistakes and steamroll your way to success. In order to ensure that your marketing campaign is the best it can be, speak to industry experts such as Dark Horse today.

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