How to Choose a Printing Company

Choosing to employ the services of a professional printing company is a sound business decision. You will experience benefits such as high quality consistent results, increased efficiency and financial savings. But how do you know which company is the right one to choose? With so many businesses out there offering services such as brochure and booklet printing, it can be a difficult decision. Our guide looks at some of the most important factors to consider, to make sure that you find the right commercial partner for your business. Know your needs Not all printing companies are the same; they all have different areas of specialisation, different strengths and weaknesses, and offer slightly different services. It is important therefore that you establish what exactly you need before you try to make this decision. Think about what type of printing you need done and how often. Consider whether you often require printing to be done at very short notice and what sort of volume your printer will need to be able to handle. Once you know exactly what you require and what your priorities are, you will be better placed to find a supplier that meets your needs. Add value Once you have decided on the core services that you require, it is worth checking out any ways that your prospective printing companies can add value to your business with other, less obvious, services. Some professional printers, for example, offer consulting services in areas such as logo design or can help with distribution and mailing of printed material. On their own, these may not be sufficient reasons to choose one printer over another, but where you have more than one good option they could just tip the balance. Take recommendations Where possible it is always a good idea to get recommendations from friends, colleagues and business partners. Talk to your contacts about their experiences with printing companies; they will be willing and able to give you the unadulterated truth. Ask them not only about the quality of the printing itself but also the service levels provided. Test for professionalism When you contact potential suppliers, it is always worth taking note not only of the services they offer but also the manner in which they handle your enquiries. A company that treats a prospective customer with efficiency, politeness and professionalism is not guaranteed to provide a good service, but one that doesn’t is almost certain not to. Look at samples Before committing yourself to any printing company, it is essential that you inspect as many samples as you possibly can. Focus particularly on examples of the kind of printing that you are most likely to need. For example, if you are in need of someone to do your business card printing, then make sure that is what you prioritise. When you are satisfied with the quality of printing for your core requirements, it is worth having a look at what else the company can do. That way you will know, if your needs change, whether this company is likely to be able to handle your new requirements.

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