How to Make the Most of Your Company Logo

Branding is a key element of any successful marketing strategy and at the core of good marketing you will always find an effective logo. Designing the right logo should be one of the first things you consider when you begin promoting a new business or rebranding an existing one. It should evoke the essence of your company simply and immediately; once you have it in place, everything from booklet printing to designing your company website will follow on from there. Our guide looks at some of the most important things you should consider when designing and implementing a new company logo. Make sure your logo is unique For your logo to be effective it must be unique, so that anyone who sees it will immediately bring to mind your business. By all means, look at other businesses with great logos for inspiration, but make sure that your design is not too similar to anyone else’s. If it is, you risk severely undermining the effectiveness of your logo, not to mention potential legal action from any company that believes you may have infringed their intellectual property rights. Keep your design simple Though it is true that a successful logo must be unique, there is one thing that they all have in common: simplicity. Think of any major brand and visualise its logo. The more clearly you can picture it the more successful it is, and the simpler the design, the more likely it is to come to mind. Remember this when you are working on designs. Your logo should reflect your business, so it can be tempting to try and include too much information. It is important that your resist. Distil your ideas down as much as you can until you have the very essence of your business: just one or two ideas that you can express clearly and succinctly. Consider colour carefully The colour or colours you choose for your logo are of great importance and so this decision deserves careful thought. Of course, your colour choices should reflect the identity of your company, but there is more to consider than that. Bear in mind that there will be occasions when your logo is produced in black and white. You may choose to do this yourself, but even if you don’t, remember that customers will print from your website, or make copies of brochures or use a fax machine to send or receive documents which include your logo. It is important to choose a design with bold and clearly demarcated colours that will still look effective in monochrome. You should also try to keep the number of colours down as much as possible. This helps with the simplicity of the logo and will also keep printing costs to a minimum. Use your logo widely Once you have created your logo, you need to make sure that potential customers get used to seeing it, so that it soon becomes synonymous with your brand. That means using it widely. Include it in your designs when organising business card printing, include it on every page of your website, print it on your stationary and on giveaway items such as stubby coolers, pens or shopping bags.

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