Things to Consider When Choosing a Printing Company

Choosing a specialist professional company to help you with booklet printing and other similar jobs is very good idea. Professional printers will ensure high quality results that reflect well on your business and can save money in the long run by reducing wastage and freeing up your staff to concentrate on your core business. It can be difficult however to know which company to choose. In this guide we look at a few of the most important things to consider when you are making this tricky decision. Match your needs Not every printing company will offer every single printing service imaginable, but nor do they need to. All that matters is that they can provide the services that you require. Look for a company that can match your needs; it really doesn’t matter if that is all they do. Don’t just think about your current needs though. Consider the direction your business is travelling and try to anticipate how your requirements will change. Doing this will allow you to pick a company that will grow and develop with your business, so you don’t have to go through the same process a few months down the track. Added value Some printing companies offer more than just printing. They may for example offer design services and assistance with mailing fulfilment. It may prove worthwhile using a full service company that can handle these extra elements rather than paying several organisations to develop, print and mail the same promotional material. Samples Any printing company worth its salt should be just itching to show you what it could do for your business, and you should be only too pleased to let them. Consider the first impression their samples make on you and then look at them closely for any flaws and to assess the overall quality. Get samples from more than one company and make comparisons. Sometimes flaws only become apparent when viewed next to a superior alternative. References Samples will only tell you so much. They show what the printer is capable of, but you want to know what they actually do for their clients. This is where references are invaluable. A successful company will be keen to show you comments and testimonials from satisfied customers. If they don’t have any to show you, you should ask yourself why not. Wherever possible try to speak directly to former customers, so you can get the real low down on the quality of the service the company offers. Professionalism The way that a potential partner company deals with your initial enquiries will give you a valuable indication of what they will be like to deal with. If they treat you with courtesy and professionalism and answer all your queries efficiently, it is a good indicator that they will do the same when you ask them to handle your brochure or business card printing. On the other hand, if they appear uninterested or sloppy in their approach, you should not really expect that to change once they have won your business.

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